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Coach “D” is an intense competitor and an experienced coach who has also been a professional educator for over 20 years.  Growing up in Miami, Coach D did not like to sit on the sidelines and watch the adults play volleyball at picnics and was always ready to jump in.  During high school in the 1980’s Beach Volleyball became popular nationwide for the first time, he taught himself to play beach “twos” with a partner on Miami Beach and the courts at University of Miami.  He attended Coral Gables High, but they had no team for boys, so he stuck to the physical sports of football and wrestling.
In college, Coach D continued to play intramural indoor volleyball, trained with his university's women's NCAA team and designed and secured funding for the outdoor courts that his school installed on campus.
When he became a teacher in 1994, he became an assistant coach for Homestead High.  In the next year he became the head coach and continued for 4 years.  He spent one year teaching and coaching middle school girls in Fort Worth, Texas.  Then, he was the head coach for the men’s team at Coral Gables High School for 2 years.
Always looking and often finding a volleyball game, this 44 year old Coconut Grove father of three can often be found playing 2’s 3’s 4’s or indoor 6’s.  He is not a bad player for an old guy.  Many players can instantly use the tricks and the fundamentals they learn from Coach D.

Becky Manning


In addition to being an indoor college player, Becky is an avid beach player every week.  She is currently coaching a local indoor girls team a the Middle School level.  Becky is a personal trainer who instructs kickboxing, and spinning classes as well as personal training.  If Becky cannot get you in shape, than nobody can.  
Becky enjoys triathons and trains for them obsessively.  Recently she pulled and pushed her paraplegic friend to victory in a grueling local event!  

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