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What is the Fee to play for Cincy East VBC?

We break out our fees to better allow parents to understand what they are paying for.

Each Player will have a Base Fee, Uniform Fee, and a Competitive Fee charged to their account.

Base Fees include:
Coaches Pay, Administrative Fees, 2-3 Practices a week from Jan to Mid May/Gym Rental, Supplies, Equipment, Volleyballs, and Carts. (Regional Teams: $900.00, American and National Teams:$1,150.00)

Uniform Fees include:
Required package includes 1 Long Sleeve printed Hawaiian Blue Jersey, 1 Long Sleeve Sublimated White/Black/Hawaiian Blue Jersey, and 1 Rox Black Backpack with embroidered Logo for $155.00.
**You pay for what the team and you decide to wear/purchase.  This is team specific.  You will have required merchandise (2 uniforms/1 backpack) but everything else is up to the individual parent/player to purchase as a la carte. 
**You may use jerseys from previous years if they are still in good condition and fit properly.  

Competitive Fees include:  Tournament Entry Fees and Coaches Travel if needed. These fees vary per team as not every team goes to the same tournaments. You will pay for what your team is entered into as of Jan 1st,  2017.  If it is decided at the Parent Meeting you will go to more tournaments then the price will go up.

Here are the estimated total charges per age group and level based on last years teams:
11U&12U & 13U: $1200-$1300
14, 15, and 16 Regional: $1200-$1350
14, 15, and 16 American: $1500-$1700
14, 15, and 16 National: $2000-$2300

**The more tournaments you want the team to play in the more expensive**

We also offer other training options for all levels! Email for more information