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Create an Account with TNC

We would like for each parent who has a child playing this fall to create an account withi\n the new Town 'N Country website ( and register his/her child for the season. I realize this seems a bit redundant because you have already registered your child for the season, but this is a new website and unfortunately we will need your child's information entered again.  The great news is that once you and your child's information is entered, the information will carry over season to season! I have a link to the instructions to help you with this process.

For the first time, TNC will be creating teams through our website for the purpose of team communication. Once your child is registered, he/she will be assigned to a team and you will have access to that team's page. Here, you will receive your practice schedule, game schedule, receive texts/emails from the coaches/team manager/team parent and be able to communicate with our parents from your team. Using this as a communication tool will take your experience at TNC to a whole new level. We are excited to implement this feature and look forward to an amazing Fall season.

If you have already created an account, be sure you do the registration step to add your child into the system. Your access to the team ties to the child assigned.

Coaches/Team Managers/Team Parents will receive special access to these sites, including special reports such as roster information.

If you have any questions about how to register that is not answered on the instructions, please email Tiffany Guerrero at