"Alone we can do so little.Together we can Achieve Greatness!"


2016-2017 Tryout Results will be posted within ONE hour of your daughters tryout. 

Results are posted here for National, American, Regional, and Alternates.

If you do not see your daughters' Tryout Tee-Shirt Number listed below she will automatically placed on a training team and you may decide to play or not to play on our training teams.  Training Team Coaches will be: Lindsey Webb, Kristin Leggett, Paige Noday, Melissa Collins, Sandra Soutter, & Greg Soutter.

If your Tryout number is listed below please sign into your Cincy East VBC Account to Accept that position on the team.  Remember if you have made a National Team you have 72 hours to Accept or Decline. If you have made an American or Regional Team you have 10 days to Accept or Decline.

Tryout numbers are being posted. Acceptance Emails will be released soon. When you receive your email and you are ready to accept just logon to your Cincy East account and follow the prompts.

Awesome job today ladies!!

10U Regional Black 
Coach: Devon Schenker & Eric Snider
Caroline Dotas-St. Veronica
Amelia Frey-Mercer
Ryley Heilman-St.Veronica
Anna Mallaley-St. Veronica
Jenna Mallaley-St. Veronica
Emme Radcliff-Wilson
Addison Schenker-St. Veronica
Kiersten Snyder-St. Veronica
Elena Stone-Summit
Emma Taylor-Mercer

11 Regional Black
Coach: Dan Coyne & Carla Fite
Caroline Cole-St. Veronica
Kenzie Cogan-IHM
Sadie Herrlinger-Sands Montessori
Margaret Jones-IHM
Carly Kent-St. Bernadette
Mckinley Kramer-IHM
Megan Mencsik-IHM
Payton Santorelli-Ayer
Annebelle Wagner-St.Elizabeth

12 National Black
Coach: Sandra & Greg Soutter
Macie Bach-Milford
Hannah Daniels-IHM
Demi Handorf-All Saints
Natalie Hein-IHM
Madelyn Johns-St. Columban
Molly More-St. Mary's
Annelise Salomon-St. Mary's
Ella Soutter-McCormick
Brianna Teague-Glen Este

12 Regional Black
Coach: Greg & Sandra Soutter
Nathan Balda-IHM
Isabella Holder-Mercy
Charlotte Cox-Mercer
Marin Forte-Loveland
Haylee Giles-Nagel
Sophia Dejesus-St. Andrews
Emily Kaminsky-IHM
Mia Lawrence- IHM
Annabelle Lemmerman- All Saints

12 Regional Blue
Coach: Melissa Collins
Audrey Strait-Sherwood
Mallory Binning-MVCA
Chloe Broerman-Mercer

Maria Jabin-Guardian Angels
Catalina Manrique-IHM
Bryce Manning-New Richmond
Ella Mather-IHM
Madelynn Waters-Wilson
Hayden Womack-Summit

13 American Black
Coach: Mike Jackson & Erin Veatch
Grace Costa-Milford
Sara Geise-Milford
Olivia Gentry-Milford
Amani Mathis-St. Andrews
Ella Mehring-Nagel

Madison Pawlaczyk-Batavia
Marlo Santoro-Mariemont
Maddie Thweatt-Walnut Hills
Emilie Warren- St. Mary's

13 Regional Black
Coach: Eric Snider & Devon Schenker

Alexandra Joseph-Mason
Haley Shapiro-Milford
Abbey Shapiro-Milford
Kaitlin Kuhlman-IHM
Lauren Kuhlman-IHM
Bailey Cope-Batavia
Kiersten Kroger-MVCA
Isabella Schenker-St. Veronica
Madison Snider-West Clermont
Olivia Young- Hammersville

13 Regional Blue
Coach: Marlene Montgomery

Allie Copas-Glen Este
Mary Kate Craft- Cardinal Pacelli
Alina Kostina-Milford
Mercy Pfister-Home School
Morgan Schooley-St.  Bernadette
Anna Cummings-Walnut Hills
Kaitlyn Finnagan-Nagel
Ella Nagel-Milford
Kayla Stotz-Nagel
Olivia Thierauf-Milford

14 American Hawaiian (Heavy Schedule)
Coach:Lindsey Webb & Paige Noday
Katie Cnota-Nagel

Elaina Doggett-St. Veronica
Kathryn Doyle-Nagel
Alexandra Haas-Guardian Angels
Ashley Jarrold-St. Veronica
Audrey Kaiser-Walnut Hills
Morgan Leggett-Home Schooled

Emma Pegram-Nagel
Katie Sumerel-Cardinal Pacelli

14 American Black 
Coach: Julia McNeal
Maddie Cogan- IHM
Lily Declercq- Gaurdian Angels
Maggie Haap- St. Veronica
Alivia K Leonard-Nagel
Mary Nelson-St. Thomas More
Brooke Painter-Nagel
Jill Stokes-Milford
Lydia Tanner-Nagel
Brooklyn Watson-Batavia

14 Regional Black
Coach: Leah Creech
Sophia Amspaugh-Nagel-Non
Ava Calvert-Nagel
Ellie Herrlinger-
Maddy Fredette- Nagel
Gabrielle Lemmerman- All Saints
Peyton Ruehlman-St. Thomas More
Maya Schloemer-Nagel
Leeann Webster-Nagel-Non
Hannah White-Milford

15 American Black (Heavy Schedule)
Coach: Julie Williamson
Sophie Berger-Glen Este
Maddie Downie-Walnut Hills
Lily Hammerle-Homeschooled
Emma Jasper-McNicholas
Megan Kromer-Mariemont
Elise Nyktas-McNicholas
Isabel Schomberger-Summit
Madison Schooley- Bethal-Tate

Emily Sears-Batavia

15 American Blue
Coach: Shannon Williamson
Ellie Adam-Guardian Angels
Kayci Davis-Glen Este
Chloe Maushart-McNicholas
Jillian Ray-St. Ursula
Rachel Volk-Indian Hill
Avery Vota-Walnut Hills
Erika Wong-St. Ursula

Lydia Hatfield- New Richmond
Lindsey Miller-Milford
Rachel Stark-Batavia

16 American Black
Coach: Michelle Webb & Alex Montgomery
Jasmine Burkhardt-McNicholas
Carly Caldwell- Anderson
Rebecca Isble-Batavia
Lily Karlson-Mariemont
Alissa Marois-Amelia
Mckenzie Miller- McNicholas
Sandra Rabe-McNicholas
Jenna Storn-Turpin

16 American Black
Coach: Alexa Tibbs
Lindsey Baker-Anderson
Holly Chandler-New Richmond
Grace Crehan-Madiera
Olivia Earls-Anderson
Emily Eppert-Madiera
Logan Graves-Amelia
Lizzy Leggett-Homeschooled
Cameron Malott-Milford
Caroline Sanders-Turpin

17 National Black
Coach: Lillie Kearns & Ernie House
Allie O'Neil-Anderson
Lauren O'Neil- Anderson
Pax Albrinck- McNicholas
Lisa Bruggemeier-Turpin 
Curran Murray-Walnut Hills
Aubrey Story-New Richmond
Mary Simpson-MND
Madi Hicks-Turpin
Cassie Vogel-Glen Este

17 American Black
Coach: Kalle Cole
Kendall Fix- St. Ursula
Kaya Hammerle-Homeschooled
Abby Leist-Anderson
Trystan Norman-Batavia
Sydney Oaks-St. Ursula
Joy Pfister-Homeschooled
Madi Re-Turpin
Abby Soutter-Milford
Nicole Thomas- Turpin