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How do we evaluate?


The goal of every Cincy East tryout, no matter the age is to create the most thorough, yet efficient talent assessment of each athlete in the gym.
The Cincy East Evaluation Team applies a rank to each athlete; This will range between most experienced/elite athletes and least experienced developmental athletes.

Certain staff members can have much more detailed requirements to look for because not everything is straight forward. These reviewers may be looking for the top team in the entire group, the top half, and even traits such as attitude. Yes, personality is a large percentage of the entire process.

Just remember make the best effort possible at which you are capable.

Skill technique (i.e. passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking)

This category is where the athlete will be rated on a scale. Does the athlete display knowledge of the correct technique and is he or she able to execute the correct technique consistently, i.e. footwork and body postures.

Physical strength 

For example, can the athlete hold herself in a defensive platform and make explosive moves from within this loaded position?  Can the athlete generate enough arm speed to complete an attack or a serve?

Overall accuracy 

Determine if the athlete is coordinated enough to consistently execute the skill.

Knowledge of drill dynamics 

Does the athlete look comfortable in a drill setting and can she understand how the drill works? This will especially help you stand out.

Court, ball, teammate, and awareness 

Determine whether the athlete understands the basic requirements of the position she is playing, as well as the positions around her.  Notice whether she communicates early (a sign that she understands and can recognize responsibilities) and helps balance the court.  Evaluate whether or not she can adjust to out of system situations, not only technically (timing, spacing, etc.), but in how they help direct other players.

Instinctive game play ability 

This will help you determine which raw athletes are more functional than others.  Does the athlete have a basic knowledge of game flow? Can they read and anticipate. Some kids are just play-makers, which may make up for a lack of volleyball experience.

The main thing to remember as a player is to trust yourself, trust the coaches, and have a blast! The most difficult part of coaching isn't dealing with losses, its not accepting athletes for our team. It's not just a simple matter of reducing numbers, it's a matter of making decisions that in essence short-circuit the dreams of players. I don't think there's any coach, either at the professional level or the youth recreational league, who doesn't feel the pain of not choosing someone or cutting someone from the team. We at Cincy East encourage all athletes to tryout at other organizations and never give up. If we had enough qualified individuals to coach the club would welcome all.

Do not get discouraged. Sometimes young athletes put themselves in situations where they say, “If I don’t make it today, I have no chance of ever reaching my goals.” That’s not true and it’s up to parents and us coaches to deliver that message strongly and consistently.

Rebounding from disappointment is part of what some amazing athletes have had to deal with.