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Cape Express Summer Gold 2017



The Summer Gold program is a stand-alone program, separate from the traditional Fall/Spring travel soccer program. It is designed for the players that want to continue playing over the normally dormant months of June and July and is open to players from ALL CLUBS regardless of affiliation. Even visitors from out of state.

The program is designed not to interfere with the players' home-club Fall/Spring soccer programs.


Players enrolled in the Summer Gold program will train twice weekly. Training typically begins the second week of June and continues until late July. Summer Gold players will also participate in two tournaments over the summer.

All Summer Gold teams will be coached by members of the Cape Express Professional Staff.



How are Players Selected and Teams Formed?

All enrolled players will be accepted into the program. Players will then be grouped together by factors including age, gender, and ability, for training and tournament play purposes. The Director of Coaching - with input from his Professional Staff - will be responsible for player groupings.



How Much Does it Cost and What Does it Include?

The program fee will be $320 for the summer.

There is a multi-child discount. First child is $320, each additional child is $300.



Twice weekly training for 8 weeks

Entry fees for 2 tournaments

Summer Gold uniform (2 shirts)

When do I pay?
You will be asked for a $100 non-refundable* deposit (per player) at the time of registration. The balance will be due by May 15, 2017.

*If a situation arises in which a registered player cannot be placed on a team due to a lack of registrations in that age group, then the deposit WILL be refunded IN FULL.



How Do I Register my Player?

Use the REGISTRATION link at the bottom of this screen.
If your child already has a player profile on our website, then use your existing login credentials.
If your player is not already in our system, you will need to create a profile and select a username and password.

Questions? Contact:
Summer Gold Program Administrator
Bob Smith
(609) 602-5815


Summer Gold 2017

Summer Gold 2017

Registration Dates: 11/14/2016 to 05/15/2017
Start and End Dates: 06/01/2017 to 07/31/2017