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Field Use


Please pass these guidelines on to all coaches and players:  field_use_guidelines.pdf

  • Insert proper bases before use, remove and store bases after each use (when  applicable).  Other users – lift and remove/check bases each use (loose bases, stuck  because of moisture and rust – adhere to anchor posts).
  • Use plugs when bases are removed.
  • Never sweep water onto any grass area (infield or outfield).  Follow park department guidelines for removal of water (if necessary).
  • Do not remove infield dirt from field (if taken off, must be replaced after use)
  • Use speedy dry conservatively.  Do NOT use in infield grass areas.
  • Material needed at fields (pitchers mound/home plate) – rake.  Bricks have been set.
  • No soft toss or batting practice against any of the fences (use soft toss nets).
  • Always use pitching mats and hitting mats.  Never pitch or hit from any grass area  (infield, outfield or foul territory).  (Coaches ­ explain reasons to players and encourage)
  • Place pitching & hitting mats back in dugout areas.
  • Cover and uncover pitching mounds and home plate areas with tarps after every  practice and game (do not leave tarps on grass areas).
  • Clean up litter in both the dugouts (also clean up after visiting team leaves). (New State  & Moriarty especially).
  • Cover & Uncover storm drains (NW Park only).
  • Have players rake mound and plate area/fill in holes after each game or practice (this is important and will help in the future condition of those areas). Rake even if there is an immediate use after you.
  • Keep watering cans in the press box/storage – to moisten a dry/dusty mound.
  • Turn off all scoreboards and ball field lights.
  • If game(s) are canceled, contact Recreation Department immediately so we can pass on to Parks dept. (no lining of fields that won’t be used – appreciate and more apt to  respond to needs)
  • Emergency field maintenance issues (lighting, sprinklers), please call 860-645­-5500 (ask for Town Maintenance/Public works employee on call).
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