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Posted Schedules

Date AwayTeam HomeTeam Start Time End Time Location Name Field Name
04/30/2017CanfieldGeisler Realty 1:00PM 3:00PMField of DreamsM2
04/30/2017StruthersPoland 1:00PM 3:00PMField of DreamsM6
04/30/2017Geisler RealtyCanfield 3:00PM 5:00PMField of DreamsM2
04/30/2017PolandStruthers 3:00PM 5:00PMField of DreamsM6
05/07/2017PolandGeisler Realty 1:00PM 3:00PMField of DreamsM6
05/07/2017StruthersCanfield 1:00PM 3:00PMCanfield-McCune ParkField 1
05/07/2017Geisler RealtyPoland 3:00PM 5:00PMField of DreamsM6
05/07/2017CanfieldStruthers 3:00PM 5:00PMCanfield-McCune ParkField 1
05/21/2017StruthersGeisler Realty 1:00PM 3:00PMField of DreamsM6
05/21/2017PolandCanfield 1:00PM 3:00PMCanfield-McCune ParkField 1
05/21/2017Geisler RealtyStruthers 3:00PM 5:00PMField of DreamsM6
05/21/2017CanfieldPoland 3:00PM 5:00PMCanfield-McCune ParkField 1
05/29/2017PolandStruthers 1:00PM 3:00PMField of DreamsM6
05/29/2017CanfieldGeisler Realty 1:00PM 3:00PMCanfield-McCune ParkField 1
05/29/2017StruthersPoland 3:00PM 5:00PMField of DreamsM6
05/29/2017Geisler RealtyCanfield 3:00PM 5:00PMCanfield-McCune ParkField 1
06/04/2017Geisler RealtyPoland 1:00PM 3:00PMField of DreamsM6
06/04/2017CanfieldStruthers 1:00PM 3:00PMCanfield-McCune ParkField 1
06/04/2017PolandGeisler Realty 3:00PM 5:00PMField of DreamsM6
06/04/2017StruthersCanfield 3:00PM 5:00PMCanfield-McCune ParkField 1
06/18/2017Geisler RealtyStruthers 1:00PM 3:00PMField of DreamsM6
06/18/2017CanfieldPoland 1:00PM 3:00PMCanfield-McCune ParkField 1
06/18/2017StruthersGeisler Realty 3:00PM 5:00PMField of DreamsM6
06/18/2017PolandCanfield 3:00PM 5:00PMCanfield-McCune ParkField 1

Note: Highlighted Team(s) belong to Divisions expired before specified Match Date.