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Cape Express Soccer Club

Recipients, Class of 2017

Emma Carlson (Middle Twp HS)
Jennifer Collins (Wildwood HS)
Olivia Nelson (Middle Twp HS)
Rachel Wade (Middle Twp HS)

Trent Canter (Middle Twp HS)
Brendan Forrest (Middle Twp HS)
Zack Thomas (Middle Twp HS)
Anthony Zampirri (Wildwood Catholic HS)

George Pratt Memorial Scholarship

The Cape Express Soccer Club (CESC) will award scholarship(s) to applicant(s) based on academic achievement, school activities, participation in the CESC and participation in other sports and community service.  Applicants will not be selected solely because of their soccer ability or achievements in soccer, but rather on the basis of all around general achievements while also being a soccer player at the High School or Varsity Club level.

To be eligible, a student must meet the following criteria:
 - High school senior

 - Playing high school or club soccer their senior year
 - Cape Express player or former player that participated in the CESC program for at least three years, U11 and older; and/or played at least two years of CE Varsity. 

Please note, these are guidelines and the selection panel will blind review each application to find qualified young men and women that best meet this criteria.
  - Planning to continue their education beyond high school at an accredited College or University subject to the approval of the CESC Board

 - 4 Girls and 4 Boys will be chosen, in the event 4 boys or 4 girls do not apply the selection panel may look to award additional applicants.

The minimum scholarship award per student is $500. The maximum total amount of scholarships awarded by the club for any graduating class is $4,000. The specific number and total amount of scholarships awarded will be determined by the CESC Board of Directors on a yearly basis based on the quantity and quality of applicants and the availability of funds. The CESC reserves the right to not award scholarships for any given year as it deems fit.

Applications are made in the Fall/Winter of the student’s high school senior year. The application is accessible via the link on the left side of this page. Applications must be completed and submitted to the Board Secretary by February 16th of the applicant’s senior year of high school.

A three-person selection panel comprised of community members not directly affiliated with CESC (no current Board Members, Coaches, Trainers or parents of current players) will blind review the applications and make recommendations to the Board for award of scholarship.  Names of applicants will be withheld from both the outside panel and the Board until after award decisions have been made.

The recipient of scholarship must provide proof of actual registration to an accredited college or university for the first award semester or equivalent in order to receive the funds. The scholarship check will be made payable jointly to the recipient and their parent/guardian.

Mail Application to:
Cape Express Soccer Club
c/o Doug Miller
101 E 7th Avenue, Suite 200
North Wildwood, NJ 08260