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Oct, 2017

OHSAA Coaching Regulation Change for Club Teams - 2017-07-26

OHSAA Coaching Regulation Change for Club Teams - 2017-07-26
Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have confirmed with the OHSAA - “a HS coach is permitted to coach a CLUB TEAM that may include as many as 3 athletes from the HS program that employs the coach.”

The OHSAA has made a landmark decision relating to the availability of a High School coach to COACH a club team that may have as many as 3 of the athletes from the HS coaches program. This ruling will have a large impact on the availability of HS coaches to club programs.
There are many questions that OVR club directors will have; DO NOT contact the OHSAA! The OVR will be providing a document before Sept. 1, 2017 that we hope will address all of your concerns and questions.

In your “spare time” I would ask club directors compile a list of questions/concerns that will be presented to the OHSAA – from a club perspective!
Remember, the OHSAA policies govern the interscholastic programs and impact the athlete’s involvement in those programs. The OVR goal is to implement the new policy into our club structure. PLEASE, email the list to my office,
Do not expect a response to your questions until the publishing of the OVR document sometime in August.

This decision has created some fantastic opportunities for our clubs; and some not so fantastic scenarios!  #1 - Athletes/clubs utilizing the early signing contract option for the 2017 –2018 season are valid and will be recognized by the OVR. Please make it a habit to visit the OVR website on a regular basis for important updates, stay tuned!

Bob Price
Ohio Valley Region - USAV