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7 & 8 Division Rules

Oxford Lassie League

Instructional Division Game Rules (2016)

Ages 7 & 8


The focus of the instructional division is to learn the skills needed to play softball and to develop each player’s skill level.  The girls will be taught the value of team play as well as the importance of good sportsmanship.  The girls will also have an opportunity to develop new friendships while having fun playing and learning the game of softball.


Ø  Each game played will last approximately 1 Hour and 30 Minutes.

Ø  Games must start on time.  No game will start a “new inning” after the 1 Hour and 30 Minute mark.

Ø  Players shall arrive no later than 20 Minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Ø  An 11-inch softball will be used.

Ø  Coaches are allowed and should be on the field for instruction.

Ø  Junior Umpires should be used to umpire the game.  If Junior Umpires are not available, coaches in the field will assume the umpire duties.

Ø  The base path for this division will be 55 feet.

Ø  The pitching distance for this division will be 30 feet.

Ø  Player pitchers are encouraged to pitch until two “balls” are thrown.  Then coaches will pitch to their own team.  A player must be able to reach the catcher to be eligible to pitch.  While a coach is pitching, the player pitcher must have both feet inside the pitcher’s circle.

Ø  All players will be included in a continuous batting order. 

Ø  There will be three (3) outs, six (6) runs, or an eight (8) batter limit per half-inning, whichever comes first.

Ø  A player will only get three (3) strikes before being called out.  Both coach and player pitches that are called strikes count against the batter.

Ø  Batters are not allowed to bunt;  Batters will not be awarded walks;  Batters hit by a pitch are not awarded first base.

Ø  A double safety base will be used at first base.  Base runners may be tagged out for overrunning a base with the exception of 1st base.  Base runners are permitted to but not required to slide at every base except for 1st base.

Ø  Base runners may leave the base after the ball is released from the pitcher’s hand.  Base runners may steal 2nd and 3rd base only when coaches are pitching.  A runner can only steal one (1) base at a time.  Steals are limited to two (2) per inning.  There will be no stealing of home plate.

Ø  The batter/base runner may advance one (1) extra base on a hit if the batted ball goes beyond the line of the base paths.  Other base runners may only advance as many bases as the batter/base runner is allowed.

Ø  No advancing on overthrows or passed balls.  If a runner has already started toward the next base when the overthrow occurs they are permitted to continue to that base.

Ø  If a player is determined “out” during a play, she must return to the bench.

Ø  Only one (1) player will be placed at each infield position.  All other players may be positioned evenly in the outfield.

Ø  Once the ball is returned to the pitcher and she is in the pitching circle, the play is dead.

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