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10U Division Rules


10U division ages 9-10


-Games are 6 innings and played with an 11-inch softball.

-Bases are 60 feet and the pitching rubber is 35 feet.

-Team will consist of 10 fielders.  Teams may start with 8 if needed.

-Players may be moved to different positions but batting order must remain the same.  A continuous batting order will be used for all players.

- Bunting is allowed.

Each team’s pitcher will pitch unless the bases become loaded, then the team’s pitcher will continue to pitch but will NOT walk in a run.  Once the fourth ball has been thrown, one of the hitting team’s coaches will come in and pitch to his or her team’s batter.  The batter will keep the number of strikes in the count.  The pitcher must remain inside the circle. The coach must pitch from the mound. Any player hit by a pitch will advance to first. (exception: Batter gets hit when the coach is pitching)

-8 batter rule is in effect. 3 outs or 8 batters per half inning whichever comes first. The half inning is over when an out is recorded or the ball is returned to the pitcher and she has control of the ball with both feet inside the pitching circle.

       NOTE: Scoring runs on the 8th batter. If an out is recorded it will be assumed to be the third out of that half-inning. ASA run scoring rules will apply in accordance to third out in a half-inning. When the pitcher has control of the ball with both feet inside the pitching circle the play shall be over and the ball is dead. Only runners who have touched home before the ball is dead shall count as scoring.

-Mercy rule is in effect, 12 run lead after 3 innings. If the home team is ahead the bottom of the third need not be finished for the game to officially end.

-If a pitcher hits three batters in the same inning she must be removed from pitching for the next three consecutive outs while her team is on defense.

-Dropped third strike is not in effect.

-Infield fly rule is not in effect.

-Runners can lead after ball is released from pitcher’s hand.

-Stealing of 2nd and 3rd is permitted on the pitch or passed ball only. Runners may only steal one base per pitch. Once the catcher has control of the ball leading runners may no longer advance. Runners can still be thrown out if tagged with the ball before returning to their previously occupied base. Advancement on overthrows back to pitcher is not permitted. Stealing of home is not allowed under any circumstance.

-A player may advance as many bases (including home) on overthrows (unless declared a dead ball) on an active play after a batted ball. No advancement will be allowed on any overthrows from pickoff attempts.

-Base runners may no longer advance when the ball is returned to the pitcher following a batted ball and she has control of the ball with either glove or hand with both feet inside the pitching circle.

-Batters must make an attempt to avoid being hit by a pitch otherwise the batter will not be awarded first.

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