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Senior Division Rules


Senior Division ages 13+ (2016)


-Games are 7 innings

-Bases are 60 feet.

- Pitching rubber is 43 Feet

- Plays with a 12-inch ball.

-Team will consist of 9 fielders.  10 Players if both coaches agree.

-Players may be moved to different positions but batting order must remain the same. 

- Bunting, slapping and slashing (faking a bunt and then hitting away on the same pitch) are allowed.

-Runners may score from a bases loaded walk.

- Each half inning will end once three outs are made.  There is no limit to the number of batters per half inning

-Mercy rule is in effect, 12 run lead after 5 innings. If the home team is ahead the bottom of the fifth need not be finished for the game to officially end.

-If a pitcher hits three batters in the same inning she must be removed from pitching for the next three consecutive outs while her team is on defense.

-Dropped third strike is in effect.  If a batter swings and misses on strike three and the catcher drops the ball, the batter may run to first base providing first base is unoccupied before the pitch is delivered.  The defensive team must tag the batter/runner or first base before the batter/runner reaches first base to record an out.

-Infield fly rule is in effect.  Infield fly – a fly ball which can be caught with reasonable effort by an infielder with runners on first and second and less than two outs.  The result is the batter is out, the ball is dead, and no play may be made on any base runner. Base runners may not advance.

-Runners can lead after ball is released from pitcher’s hand.

-Runners can steal more than one base at a time, including home, as long as the ball is in play.

 -Base runners may no longer advance when the ball is returned to the pitcher following a batted ball and she has control of the ball with either glove or hand with both feet inside the pitching circle.

-Batters must make an attempt to avoid being hit by a pitch otherwise the batter will not be awarded first unless it is ball 4.


1 hour & 45 minutes from game scheduled start time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Weeknight games shall not start an inning after 7:45p.m. EXCEPTION: If a game is tied at the end of regulation, it will be at the umpire’s discretion if it is light enough to continue.

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