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Mar, 2017

Information on the 8U and 10U team formation process

 We wanted to share with everyone some insights into how and why we use the team formation process that we do. You have have received an e-mail with much of this same information but we wanted to get things distributed as widely as we could so we are posting it here also.

So now with the evaluations completed you may be wondering what happens next.  Some of you may have some ideas and some of you are new and probably have questions. The goal of this news story is to try and answer those questions.

Specifically, we are going to talk about our team formation process. Over the nine or so years that MCGSA has been around we have used various versions of a draft process to form the teams. Our organizational goals are to keep things focused on the players, make this a fun game to play, create a competitive environment where hard work and team work pay off and create an environment where a player can develop her skills as much as she wants.

In order to do this we also knew we had to listen to you, our parents and players, and remain flexible and teachable throughout. With respect to the team formation process we have focused on a few points.

  • Reduce or eliminate manipulation in the draft
  • Stacked rosters do not create a fun competitive environment
  • Balanced rosters allows the players to decide who will succeed in the growth of their softball skills with the aid of their coach
  • New coaches can be uninformed when it comes time to create a team

So with these ideas in mind we have been moving from the more coach-centric draft in the past to a more player centered blind draft approach. This has been an evolving process over the past few years and it is not entirely complete as of yet.

So what does it mean that a draft is player centered? It means that the focus is on creating balanced teams. It limits the need for a given coach be extensive knowledgeable about a given player. In the past it was useful to

Taking this approach helps us in a number of ways. One it creates that more competitive environment for all of the players. It helps to maintain player enthusiasm. Nothing kills enthusiasm faster for the players than when it is always the same one or two teams that are dominating the league and one or two others find themselves outclassed nearly every game. When teams repeatedly rack up big scores, learning is inhibited and players (winning side and losing side) get board. Those on the losing side end up frustrated and may lead them to look elsewhere for a more satisfying sports experience.

With balanced teams, we work to have every game be a close game. Ultimately close games, competitive games, are exciting games and are the most fun for everyone involved.

This process is still evolving somewhat and we have a plan to get to where we want to be probably next year. So this year is just one more step in that direction. I appreciate your patience and support as we continue to build one of the best recreational leagues in this area.
As always any feedback is welcome.