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Q&A on Parent meeting

Here is the questions and answers from our Parent meeting on the 24th.  all other information can be found under Mandated Rule Change.  





Spring Tryouts, by definition, create uncertainty and change amongst players, teams and coaches in every OSYSA Club. Furthermore, the US Soccer rule-changes introduce a new and different set of challenges.  Therefore, we thought everyone would benefit from seeing the questions that are most frequently being asked of DSSC Coaches and Administrators at the local level.  They are as follows:



1)     What is “playing up” and are players able to “play down”

Playing up is playing one year above your "true to age" age group, based on your birth year. Players are not permitted to “play down” with teammates at younger age groups, based on birth year.



2)     Should my child ‘play up’ two years to play with his/her current team or should he/she stay “true to age?”

DSSC coaches will carefully evaluate every player who tries out for a DSSC team, making sure that, where they end up, is in the best interest of the player.  For example, if a player makes a MOSSL ‘A’ or BPL spot at their actual age, that player should not move up two years to play at a lower level, just so they can stay with their friends or current team.   Instead, we would recommend that the player stay in the higher division and play ‘true to their age.’   In the end, players are placed at the level appropriate for their long term-development.  In contrast, consider the benefit of being the top player and earning the majority of playing time on one team vs. being the 18th player on an older-aged team and receiving reduced playing time.



3)     Will players be allowed to try out for more than one age-group in the same week

For the first night of tryouts, ALL Players are to tryout for their “true to age” age-group.  A player will only be able to tryout for multiple age-groups IF they’re current coach requests them to tryout for a team two years up.  This does NOT mean that player has made the older team, it only means he/she is asked to tryout for that team.   The on-going evaluation from their current coach, will allow us to see if that player should play up or stay in their age group.



4)     For the player who will be U12 but also wants to try out for U13, how will that work since the tryouts for those two age groups are a week apart?  For example, someone tries out for U12 and gets accepted, but wants to see if they will also get accepted for U13.  Will they be allowed to delay their decision on U12 until they know about U13? 

This year we are allowing the players who are trying out for the U12/13 age group to have up until the second night of U13 Tryouts to accept or decline a spot.  After the first night of U13 tryouts, Coaches will come together to get a better idea of who should move up and who should stay.   Communication with the parents and players in that situation will be made.  We want what Coaches from U13 will be able to watch the U12 Tryouts and that will help in the evaluation process for the U13. 



5)     Will there be new uniforms with the changes?

If a player makes a team that has a duplicate number, we spoke to Soccer Plus and they are able to add a digit to the back of jersey.   This will not be centered but you will not have to buy a new jerseys for one yr.   There will, of course, be an option to buy a new jersey but it will not be mandatory.  Incidentally, other clubs are looking to do the same thing. 



6)     Will there be a team at every age level with all this new shuffling around.

At this time, we see that there should be at least one team at every age level, with multiple ages having multiple divisions, from U8 to U14/15.   But just like all clubs, we will have a better view of numbers once DSC tryout registrations are submitted. 



7)     What is the long-term vision or goal of the club?

Our goal for DSSC has always been (and continues to be) to have successful divisions in all age groups, including BPL and MOSSL, thus continually increasing the level of competition within our club. 


For the High School-aged teams, we hope to draw in more players from outside of Delaware by advertising throughout the year and during high school season and working with surrounding clubs who are in the same situation as we are.   At this time Delaware draws players from Marysville, Marion, Dublin, Olentangy, Sunbury and even from Upper Sandusky. 


We currently have 4 High School teams, 2 in BPL.  In that regard, DSSC is in an enviable position in that we have two area high school coaches directly affiliated with DSSC…and that helps!  Furthermore, DSSC is also looking into securing permanent space for our club at the Superkick indoor facility for the late fall/winter season. 


Finally, we want Delaware players to stay and play in Delaware…and every year we are attracting and retaining more experienced coaches who have played at the collegiate level.  We will continually increase the number of experienced coaches as we continually augment the coaching staff with full time trainers.  This will help improve our teams and continue the positive growth. 


As DSSC continues to both grow and improve as stated above, we are further committed to making Delaware’s Select Soccer programs more reasonably priced and affordable than others.  Indeed, we are committed to maintaining a level of flexibility not found in most clubs…such that parents have opportunities to directly benefit from a) the Club’s conservative fiscal management, b) making payment arrangements if necessary, and c) maintaining an effective balance between ‘competitiveness’ and ‘cost.’



8)     What is the club's plan for kids who are in 8th grade but would U15. 

In the Fall, there will be a combined MOSSL Division called U14/15.   They have had this division for years.  It is open for all players who are ‘caught’ in that age grp. 



9)     How will DSSC recruit quality players in the future?

As the club has grows and teams have become stronger and continually compete at higher levels, we draw a great deal of attention outside of Delaware.  As we continue to grow and improve, so does the positive interest in DSSC.  It’s important to know that MOSSL and BPL have specific Bylaws clearly stating we are not allowed to “recruit” players.  Sometimes other clubs and parents violate recruiting rules, but we are committed to following the guidelines/regs as a club…and we want DSSC parents to follow them as well. 


In short, neither administrators nor coaches nor parents are allowed to recruit players from other clubs, and we do not want DSSC parents to recruit DSSC players away from another club.  By the same token, we trust that DSSC players and families will not be subjected to pressure from other parents and/other clubs during this period of transition and change as the new US Soccer regulations are implemented.



10)   Who notifies parents when there aren't enough players to form a team at a particular age level?

IF this happens then we would let parents know following the first night of tryouts.  Again, at this time our numbers show that we should have a team in every age group up to U14/15,  with multiple teams having multiple divisions.



11)   When and where do I find out if I have received an offer to join?

Due to MOSSL/BPL bylaws, we can send out offers the Sunday after tryouts, starting 2pm…or, if a player has played in this club, offers can be made the first night of tryouts to start building the team.  Due to many players moving up or moving teams, some Coaches will need to wait until the end of tryouts for their age group before sending out offers…and some might need extra time to send out offers depending on who has accepted and who has not. 


Regardless, an email will go out letting you know if you have made a team or if you’ve not made a team.  You will then be asked to log into your account to either accept your spot or decline your spot.   This will then guide you for the next steps to make your first deposit to hold your spot on the team.  



12)   Who will be coaching next year?

All Coaches have been contacted, and we are working with them to see where they will be best suited to coach.  There may be a few coaches listed for the same age group, but once we see how many divisions we’ll have, the club will have a better idea on who will be coaching in what division.  


Furthermore, we look at the experience of the coach, how well he/she has done with his/her team and the level that he’s/she’s been coaching/playing at.  Placement of a coach is always subject to change based on the tryouts and where the needs might be.   We have recruited and selected some new, well-experienced coaches for the upcoming seasons…and once we see where they’re best suited, these new coaches will be placed and announced.  The projected coaching staff for next year will be posted on our website beginning of May.


13)   Could the club provide a breakdown of where each player's money goes?

The following line items comprise the DSSC budget:

Accounting/Bookkeeping                      Office Equipment/Supplies

Advertising                                                  Printing/Postage                    

Coaches – DSSC                                         Referees                  

                                    Fees – MOSSL/BPL                                  Storage                                      

                                    Fees – OSYSA                                            Supplies/Equipment - Field

                                    Field Maintenance                                   Supplies/equipment - Team

                                    Insurance – E & O                                     Tournaments

                                    Insurance – Player/Coach                      Trainers

                                    IT Services/Supplies                                Uniforms                                   

                                    League Administration                            Miscellaneous


Each DSSC player’s registration fee covers a) their per-player allocation of DSSC’s “Direct Costs” and b) their per-player allocation of all “Indirect Costs.” Examples of DSSC’s Direct Costs are as follows:

                  Coaches – DSSC                                         Supplies/Equipment - Field

                  Fees - MOSSL/BPL                                   Supplies/Equipment - Team

Fees – OSYSA                                            Tournaments

Insurance – Player/Coach                      Trainers

Club Administration                                  Uniforms



Examples of DSSC’s Indirect Costs are as follows:

                  Accounting/Bookkeeping                      League Administration

Advertising                                                  Office Equipment/Supplies                  

                  Field Maintenance                                   Printing/Postage

                  Insurance – E & O                                     Storage

                  IT Services/Supplies                                Miscellaneous


In order to keep DSSC player fees responsive to our mission and values (i.e. reasonable), DYAA continues to underwrite between 12% and 15% of DSSC’s direct and indirect costs, depending on the season.



14)   Why do DYAA teams get field preferential over DSSC teams?

Neither DYAA, DSSC nor MSSA teams receive any preferential treatment.  All teams have the opportunity to reserve their preferred practice days/times/fields and they are then granted accordingly.  Select games are scheduled by MOSSL according to fields made available to them at Smith and Mingo Parks; MSSA games are scheduled by MSSA according to fields made available to them at Veteran Park; DYAA Rec teams are then scheduled according to the remaining days/times/fields at Mingo Park. 


15)   Does the Club have any plans to add more fields?



Current Smith

Current Mingo

Current Veterans

Current Community








Small Junior






Large Junior





















# Mini Fields

# Small Jr. Fields

# Large Jr. Fields


# fields for games & practices/week -presently


(currently 8 fields,

6 days/wk)


(currently 8 fields,

5 days/wk)


(currently7 fields,

4 days/wk)


(currently 4 fields,

3 days/wk)

# fields for games & practices/week –

2 year projection


(8 fields, 7 days/wk


(8 fields, 5 days/wk)


(7 fields, 4 days/wk


(4 fields, 4 days/wk_

# fields for games & practices/week –

5 year projection


(8 field, 7 days/ week)


(8 fields, 5 days/wk


(7 fields, 5 days/wk)


(4 fields, 5 days/wk)


Thanks to the passage of Delaware’s Parks/Rec levy 5 years ago, the expansion/improvement of Smith, Mingo, & Community Parks, and the addition of Veterans Park has created an adequate number of fields for both current and projected needs.  

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