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Oct, 2016

Adult Coed Slowpitch Registration begins January 1


A. Sanction:  Amateur Softball Association (ASA) rules will govern all play unless otherwise stated in these rules. All leagues, teams, and umpires will be sanctioned with ASA.

B. Umpires:  Umpires will be in charge of the game at all times. The umpires will review the ground rules before the game with both teammanagers. It is the responsibility of each manager to advise their players of the ground rules.

C. Softball Bats: All Softball bats used MUST conform to the guidelines set forth by the league.  All bats must be on the League approved bat list.  For a complete list of approved bats, please visit Approved Bat List on the website.  If you have any doubt concerning any equipment please ask before you use it.

D. Softballs:   All games played at Scott County Marshall Park must be played with an Official Scott County Softball Club Logo softball. Each team must supply one new ball per game. Softballs can only be purchased at the concession stand or from the scorekeeper. If the ball goes out of play on your side of the field it is your responsibility to retrieve it. The team that hits a home run must retrieve the ball and provide a backup ball. All back up balls do not have to be new but must be an official Scott County Softball Club softball.

E. Rosters:  All rosters need to be online and finalized prior to the start of the first scheduled season game.  No new players may be added to a roster after week 3 of the playing season.  A photo ID will be checked prior to the game if necessary.  Anyone not on the roster or unable to provide a photo ID will not be permitted to play. 

F. Lineup Sheets:  All teams must turn in their lineup to the scorekeeper 10 minutes prior to the start of the game in order to verify players.   All players must be able to provide a photo ID if requested. 

G. Batters: All batters in men’s or  oed leagues will come to the plate with a one (1) ball and one (1) strike count on them.

H. Run Rules:  A fifteen (15) run rule will be in effect for all games including the end of the year tournament and all championships. If a team is ahead after the 3rd inning by fifteen (15) runs the game is official. A ten (10) run rule will be in effect for all games as well. If a team is ahead after 4 innings by ten (10) runs the game is official.

I. Time Limit / Length of Game:  The scheduled length of any Adult League game played at Scott County Marshall park is seven (7) innings or sixty (60) minute time limit. Warm ups between innings are discouraged to ensure that a full seven innings may be played. No new inning may start after the time limit has expired. An inning is considered to be over and a new inning has started when the last out is recorded. If the time limit has expired in the middle of an inning the inning must be completed. If the time limit expires during the home teams at bat and they are winning the game then the game is over. In case of rain or any act of god, the game becomes official when the losing team has batted three (3) times. If the visiting team scores to go ahead in the top of the inning, the home team must get a chance to complete the inning. If the home team is losing and the game is called before they have a chance to complete the inning in which the visiting team went ahead then the score reverts back to the end of the previous inning.

J.  Courtesy Runners The courtesy runner can be used once per inning in men’s and once per gender in coed. The courtesy runner can be any player on the roster. If the courtesy runner comes to bat while on base it is an out. In coed a male must run for a male and a female for a female.

K. Home Run Limits:  Scott County Marshall Park home run limits for all league play only are five (5) home runs per team per game. Any additional home runs hit over the limit are declared outs.


1) Teams must stagger the batting order male, female, etc.

2) The courtesy runner may be used; however, a male must run for a male and a female for a female .

3) A coed team may be composed of all of the following combinations. No other combinations are acceptable.

A)  Nine (9) players - 5 males and 4 females with batting penalty or 5 females and 4 males with a batting penalty

B) Ten (10) players - 5 males and 5 females 

C) Eleven (11) players- 6 males and 5 females with batting penalty or 6 females and 5 males no penalty

D) twelve (12) players - 6 males and 6 females

4) If a male walks he is awarded first and second base. If there are 2 outs on the books, the female batter following him has the option to hit or walk.

6) When using (10)  players, a team must field 5 males and 5 females (2 of each in the outfield, 2 of each in the infield, one pitcher/catcher).

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