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It's a “bomb”, “homer”, “dinger”, “big fly”, “moon shot”, “tater”, “slama-lama ding dong”, "blast", “bleacher burner”,“laser”, “goner”, “dialed long distance”, “missile”, “that ball needed a passport”, “skyrocket”, “headed into the next time zone”, "hasta la vista baby", or the “grand salami”!

Whatever you call it - It's outta here!
We will spotlight our players with home runs this season!

8UNavy SealsChase Vazquez9/28/19 In the Park
8UNavy SealsJohan Fernandez9/28/19 In the Park
8UArmy RangersTitan Latimer 9/28/19 In the Park
8UArmy RangersAngel Osuna Perez 9/28/19 In the Park 
8U Army RangersJulian Gonzalez 9/28/19 In the Park 
6U Army Rangers Brent "BJ" Daniel, Jr. 10/03/2019 In the Park 
6U  Army Rangers Juan "Macho" Fontela 10/03/2019 In the Park 
6UArmy Rangers Juan "Macho" Fontela 10/05/19 In the Park
8U Marines Force ReconWagner Ortiz 10/05/19 In the Park 
8U Navy Seals Jacob Huhn 10/12/19 In the Park 
8U  Army Rangers Julian Gonzalez 10/12/19 In the Park 
8UArmy Rangers Liam Harmening 10/26/19 In the Park 
8U Army Rangers Jonathan Ramirez 11/02/19 Two (2) In the Park 
8U Army Rangers Xavier Ortiz11/02/19 Two (2) In the Park 
8U Army Rangers Angel Osuna Perez 11/9/19 In the Park 
10UMarines Force ReconAnthony Ortiz11/13/19 Two (2) In the Park
8UMarines Force ReconKevin Pedraza11/13/19 In the Park
10UMarines Force ReconAnthony Ortiz11/16/19 In the Park

*Managers - please
email or text the player's full name, team, and date of Home Run. Picture with Home Run game ball is preferred!
[email protected] or text 813-817-5975