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AZ Play Ball PONY Baseball & Softball - Real Baseball - Rules!

February 22nd, Saturday all games are canceled due to impending rain.

Mustang Win/Loss

9U Swarm Gold9U Swarm Gold
9U Dirtbags Black659U Dirtbags Black
10U Dinger4410U Dinger
10U Rattlers4310U Rattlers
10U Rawlings Tigers 3610U Rawlings Tigers
10U Swarm Blue110U Swarm Blue
10U Twisters7110U Twisters
10U Jaguars10U Jaguars
10U CYB Bolts10U CYB Bolts
10U CYB Thunder10U CYB Thunder

If you do not see your teams win/loss record, please submit them to [email protected]

Bronco Win/Loss

11U Dirtbags Black111U Dirtbags Black
11U Desert Bandits11U Desert Bandits
11U Rattlers3411U Rattlers
11U Hoppers33111U Hoppers
11U Saguaros63111U Saguaros
11U Sandstorms7211U Sandstorms
12U Cave Creek Coyotes3312U Cave Creek Coyotes
12U Dirtbags B/W12U Dirtbags B/W
12U Dirtbags Gray12U Dirtbags Gray
12U Dinger Navy47112U Dinger Navy
12U Dinger White1112U Dinger White
12U Dynamite75112U Dynamite
12U Heat Gold12U Heat Gold
12U Heat Red12U Heat Red
12U Jaguars12U Jaguars
12U Swarm Gold12U Swarm Gold
12U Swarm Blue1112U Swarm Blue
12U Twisters3212U Twisters
12U Steelers12U Steelers
11U CYB Thunder11U CYB Thunder

If you do not see anything for your team, please send in scores to [email protected]

Pony Win/Loss

12U Bandits12U Bandits
13U 808AZ213U 808AZ
13U Dirtbags Black113U Dirtbags Black
13U Dirtbags Gray3213U Dirtbags Gray
13U Dynamite36213U Dynamite
13U Firebirds White13U Firebirds White
13U Firebirds B413U Firebirds B
13U Rebels (Prescott)213U Rebels (Prescott)
13U Scottsdale Scorpions32113U Scottsdale Scorpions
13U Swarm Gold13U Swarm Gold
13U Swarm Blue13U Swarm Blue
13U Dirtbags White15213U Dirtbags White
13U Focus Admirals Interleague1413U Focus Admirals Interleague
13U X-Men1313U X-Men
14U Arcadia Bulldogs414U Arcadia Bulldogs
14U Swarm Black14U Swarm Black
14U Bandits14U Bandits
14U Bears (Prescott Valley)32114U Bears (Prescott Valley)
14U Dirtbags Black/Gray4314U Dirtbags Black/Gray
14U Firebirds Red14U Firebirds Red
14U Firebirds Blue14U Firebirds Blue
14U Focus Admirals22114U Focus Admirals
14U Jaguars14U Jaguars
14U Rebels (Prescott)65114U Rebels (Prescott)
14U Rockslide4114U Rockslide
14U X-Men7414U X-Men

If you can't find your team scores, please send them to [email protected]

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AZPlayBall PONY Baseball

13835 N Tatum Blvd, Ste 9-449
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Phone: 602-494-1455
Email: [email protected]

AZPlayBall PONY Baseball

13835 N Tatum Blvd, Ste 9-449
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Phone: 602-494-1455
Email: [email protected]
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