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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my registration fee pay for?

VYSA fees                                                                       Club Association Fees

Referee Fees                                                                   Training Equipment

Coach Training Certifications                                           Volunteer Background Checks  

Field Maintenance                                                            Goals and Nets

TASL Fees for Advanced Teams 

VSLI Fees for Select Teams                                            Professional Services

How long are the games?

  • U4 Academy: Four 5-minute quarters
  • U6 Academy: Four 8-minute quarters
  • U9 Academy: Two 20-minute halves
  • U9-U10 Rec/Adv/Sel: Two 25-minute halves
  • U11-U12 Rec/Adv/Sel: Two 30-minute halves
  • U13-U14 Rec/Adv/Sel: Two 35-minute halves
  • U15-U16 Rec/Adv/Sel: Two 40-minute halves
  • U17-U19 Rec/Adv/Sel: Two 45-minute halves
  • 5v5 Two 25-minute halves
  • Adult Fun League Two 25-minute halves

How many players are on each team?

PSC plays small-sided games to afford maximum player contact with the ball. PSC uses the following guidelines.

Age Division

Players on Field

Min Roster

Max Roster





































Adult Fun League




    Are there discounts available?

    Yes, There is  a  sibling discount for multiple children.

    How do we know if the games have been cancelled?

    You can go the club website at or our Facebook page.  Cancellations will be posted on the home page. The  Facebook page are the most up-to-date source available to you for this information. 

    Is there an Adult League?

    We are working on growing our Adult League.  

    What are your coaches’ qualifications?

    We offer training to all coaches. In addition, some coaches have VYSA, nationally recognized ‘F’ and ‘E’ certificates, or 'D' licenses. Some have playing experience in high school or college. In all cases, coaches have been certified through the US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) “Kidsafe” program, which includes a background check for responsible behavior with children.

    Do we practice/play in the rain?

    The Club Hotline is updated daily with information on field conditions. If the ground is unplayable due to standing water, the Field Manager will close the fields. NO teams are allowed to be on the club fields.

    PRACTICES – If the website says the fields are open and playable, yet there is still inclement weather, Coaches will make the final call on holding or canceling practice. These decisions will be based on safety of the players and ability to hold a quality practice.

    GAMES – The referee will make the decision to begin any game in the rain. His/her assessment will be made on the basis of the playability of the field with safety of players in mind. Once a game has begun, the game may be terminated if the referee believes the playing conditions become hazardous to the players. If one half of the game has already been played the score will stand as is, in accordance with FIFA rules.

    LIGHTNING – If lightning is sighted, all Games and Practices will be immediately terminated, and the Soccer Fields will be cleared. During a lightning delay all players must leave the field area and seek shelter in a safe area.  Please do not leave the playing field until your coach has notified you that the game has been terminated. 

    What equipment do I need to buy?

    SHIN GUARDS - All players are required to wear shin guards at all practices and games. They can be soft or hard, but in all cases the shin guards MUST be completely covered by your child’s socks.

    CLEATS - Soccer Cleats are optional but highly recommended for U10 and above. It is important to ensure your child has SOCCER cleats. Baseball or football cleats or any modified version of them that have a ‘TOE STUD’ are inherently dangerous in soccer play and are not allowed.

    SOCCER BALL - All players are required to bring their own soccer ball to practices. Players should write their family last name on their soccer balls.

    Ball size requirements are as follows:

    • Size 3 – U04-U08
    • Size 4 – U09-U12
    • Size 5 – U13 and above

    What if I can’t make practice?

    Absentee policies are established by the individual coaches. Check with your coach.

    What days do we practice? For how long?

     Academy practices on Wednesday's at John Tyler Elementary School from 6pm to 7:30pm.  

    Select practices on Tuesday and Thursday's at John Tyler Elementary School. 

    What days are games held? Where?

    Academy games are on Saturday's at John Tyler Elementary School from 10:30am-11:30am. 

    Select games are held on Saturday and Sunday's in the Hampton Roads area. 

    Will I be required to put in volunteer hours? And where are volunteers needed?

    Required, no; desired, YES. The best way for a family to ensure the best soccer experience for their child is to get involved. We do not hire companies to mark our fields, clean the shed, maintain equipment and uniforms, manage the website. There are many opportunities for activity where you can get involved to make your child’s experience with this club the best possible. Contact a current board member for more information.

    Is my child insured for injuries obtained during practices or games?

    YES, all registered members of Portsmouth Soccer Club are provided limited secondary insurance coverage for medical, dental, accident and liability insurance as provided by the Virginia Youth Soccer Association. See the VYSA website for details.

    Can parents or players be ejected from games?

    YES. Parents and players can be ejected. In accordance with FIFA and US Soccer Federation guidelines, the authority of any assigned referee begins when he/she enters the venue parking lot. Any player found by a referee to be engaging in misconduct that warrants a “Red Card” per the established Laws of the Game will be required to leave the game fields for the remainder of the day. For example, a player who has a physical altercation in the parking lot before his match begins may be ejected. Additionally, in accordance with the established soccer Laws of the Game, he/she MUST LEAVE THE VENUE. Parents with other children scheduled to play that day will have to make arrangements to remove their ejected son/daughter from the venue. Spectators are not actually required for soccer game play, and in some cases can be ejected as well, if the referee determines the spectator’s behavior is negatively affecting the conduct of the game. There are further implications that affect follow-on games and player eligibility; for more information on this subject, see Laws of the Game at .

    What about Team Pictures?

    Each season Portsmouth Soccer Club will set up picture taking for teams and individual pictures.  Your coach/manager/team parent will be given the date and time for your team.  Payment is due at the time pictures are taken. There is no obligation to purchase pictures but all team members are required for the TEAM picture.

    During the Covid Pandemic we are not offering pictures at this time.


    What about Team Parties?  

    Team parties and trophies for players, along with a coach’s and team mom gifts are set up and paid for by the parents of the team.  These are optional and should be discussed per team.  Usually a team parent or manager will handle the arrangements.  Location and themes for the parties are up to the individual teams.  Normally, these are held at the conclusion of the each season.

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