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Can't Make Tryouts for the 2019/2020 Competition Year ... What to Do!

It is essential for all candidate players to attend tryouts.  This is the only way that we can ensure that players are selected to the appropriate team, teams are formed in the most effective manner, and the Club is fully prepared for the competition year.  This being said, we understand that circumstances sometimes do not allow candidate players to attend tryouts.

Completing this process is the only way that we know that players want to join the Club (telling a coach or a friend is not enough).  There are no pre-defined makeups for missing tryouts and completing this absentee process does not guarantee a spot on a team.

If we are informed during the regular spring season that a player wishes to join the Club but can not make tryout, we may be able to coordinate a workout with an existing team to provide coaches the opportunity to see and get to know the candidate.  To pursue this potential approach, please contact [email protected] ASAP and provide your contact information and details.

If an individual is absolutely unable to attend tryouts they will need to complete the following steps:


No later than the evening of Sunday, June 16, complete the online league pre-registration process located on the top of the web page at:

                                                     GRAND VALLEY SOCCER ASSOCIATION ( (follow this link to the page)  

This is the website within which our teams play.  Once at the site and selecting the stated link ... s
elect USA Soccer Club

Information provided after that date may not be processed or included in other tryout functions.  To view guidance for completing the league registration following this link -  ONLINE TRYOUT PRE-REGISTRATION PROCESS GUIDANCE

It is critical that each individual registers online with the league system as that is the only source that we have for information (this is the only way that we know that you want to join the Club (telling a coach or a friend is not enough) ... PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS ENTER ARE ACCURATE (it is the only way that we contact individuals about the results of the tryout).

STEP 2. 

No later than the evening of Sunday, June 16, complete the

USA Tryout Registration Form (Absentee) (download the form by selecting this link)

and mark the absentee box for processing.

~   email: by scanning (or taking a photograph) and sending to (follow this link to create the email)

~   drop off: at the Soccer Stop Sportsplex (there is a drop box at the front door) at 5 River Hills Drive, Holland, MI  49424.  The box will be checked at 6:00am on Monday, June 17th for boys and 6:00am on Tuesday, June 18th for girls.

Club Processing

Upon receipt of the completed form, the candidate will be placed on a wait list for their age group.  Placement of the absentee players will be at the discretion of the Club to meet the needs of individual teams.

For players that have played on a USA team the previous year but are unable to attend tryouts, the player's coach must be notified and the process stated above must be completed. Again, placement of the player will be at the discretion of the Club to meet the needs of individual teams. Primary consideration will be given to those attending tryouts. * In some cases roster openings may exist after tryouts. Any placement on a team after tryouts is at the discretion of Club management and may not be accurate to the skill level of the player.