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Can't Get to Tryouts

If you are absolutely unable to attend tryouts you still need to complete the online league pre-registration and the Club absentee registration form.  This is the only way that we know that you want to join the Club (telling a coach or a friend is not enough).  There are no pre-defined makeups for missing tryouts and completing this absentee process does not guarantee a spot on a team.

Here is what you have to do:

As of the evening of June 17, pre-tryout registration using the online system will be closed ... follow the balance of the process outlined below.

1. Prior to June 17, complete the online league pre-registration process located on the top of the web page at:

Select: USA Soccer Club

View the procedures for completing the league registration by following this link -  ONLINE TRYOUT PRE-REGISTRATION PROCESS GUIDNACE

It is critical that you do register online to get into the league system as that is the only source that we have for your information ... PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU ENTER IS ACCURATE (it is the only way that we can contact you with the results of the tryout).

This system will close for registrations on Sunday, June 17.

1. Complete the USA Tryout Registration Form (Absentee) and mark the absentee box for processing.

This form must be submitted to the Club by June 16th. It can be submitted by:

– email: by scanning (or taking a photograph) and sending to

– drop off: at the Soccer Stop Sportsplex (there is a drop box at the front door)

– mail to: P.O. Box 8201, Holland, MI  49422

Upon receipt of the completed form, the candidate will be placed on a wait list for their age group.  Placement of the absentee players will be at the discretion of the Club to meet the needs of individual teams.

For players that have played on a USA team the previous year but are unable to attend tryouts, the player's coach must be notified and the process stated above must be completed. Again, placement of the player will be at the discretion of the Club to meet the needs of individual teams. Primary consideration will be given to those attending tryouts. 

* In some cases roster openings may exist after tryouts. Any placement on a team after tryouts is at the discretion of Club management and may not be accurate to the skill level of the player.