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Cheerleaders Code of Conduct

PTYCA Cheerleading Guidelines and Code of Conduct 


1. Cheerleaders must remember that they represent the Peters Township Youth Cheerleading Association (PTYCA). It is imperative that PTYCA cheerleaders maintain good sportsmanship, positive attitude, and appropriate behavior. 

2. There will be no sexually suggestive lyrics, motions, or music. Music, cheers, chants, and dances will be generally accepted in good taste. If anything is questionable, it should be brought to the attention of the Executive Board. 

3. During the regular season when cheering for the Youth Football Team: 

a. Barring extenuating circumstances, a cheerleader is required to cheer the entire game. If permission is sought to cheer for only a portion of a game, the reason for this request must be communicated with the coach. 

b. If a player is injured, cheerleaders will be silent and will, if possible, kneel at their designated cheerleading location. If kneeling is not possible or advisable, cheerleaders should stand still and silent at their designated cheerleading location. 

c. Cheerleaders must arrive one (1) hour prior to the scheduled start of a game or at the time designated by their coach. The early arrival permits cheerleaders to warm-up and practice. d. If a cheerleader does not attend practices or does not know the dance routine or cheers, at the discretion of the team coach, the cheerleader may not be permitted to cheer or perform at half-time. 

4. The following will not be tolerated: 

a. Poor attitude toward other squad member(s) or team coaches 

b. Not listening to team coach or coordinator 

c. Undesirable language 

d. Yelling remarks to squad members of visiting teams 

e. Chewing gum 

f. Eating while cheering

g. Leaving the cheering area

h. Using cell phone/electronic device during practice or games 

5. As necessary, discipline will be enforced as follows: 

a. First Offense: Cheerleader shall receive a warning 

b. Second Offense: Suspension for two (2) games PTYCA Cheerleading Guidelines and Code of Conduct 2 

c. Third Offense: Expulsion from PTYCA without financial reimbursement 

6. Each cheerleader is responsible for his or her own equipment and must keep equipment in good condition. Required equipment includes: 

a. Cheer vest 

b. Cheer skirt 

c. Black shirt or turtleneck 

d. Black leggings 

e. Cheer briefs or shorts 

f. Warm-up jacket and pants 

g. Cheer hair bow 

h. White ankle socks 

i. White cheer shoes

j. Pom-poms

k. Cheerleading bag

l. Black gloves (not supplied with uniform)

m. Black, winter headband (not supplied with uniform)

n. Cheer sweatshirt. 

7. Cheerleaders may only wear their PTYCA uniforms to cheer during the Peters Township Recreation Football games, PTYCA organized events, High School Youth Recognition Night, and Other Specified Times decided on by the PTYCA board. a. Unless otherwise specified, PTYCA uniforms (skirt and vest) are not to be worn

b. PTYCA uniforms (skirt and vest) are not to be worn as costumes

8. Physical appearance and grooming at games: 

a. All cheerleaders must be uniformly attired

b. All cheer uniform articles are to be carried in the PTYCA cheerleading bag to each game, even if not being worn

c. No facial make-up

d. No jewelry

e. All hair (except bangs) must be pulled away neatly from the face, off the collar, in a ponytail (if length of hair permits), and the PTYCA cheer bow must be worn

f. Shoes must be that of the uniform, and kept white and clean

g. Shoe laces must be clean

h. Skirt and vests may be worn during warmer days (subject to coach’s discretion)

i. Skirt with leggings, turtleneck/long sleeve shirt, and vest may be worn on cool days (less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit) (subject to coach’s discretion)

j. PTYCA jackets and wind pants may be worn over the PTYCA uniform as needed during cold weather (coach’s discretion); and PTYCA Cheerleading Guidelines and Code of Conduct 3

k. Black gloves may be worn on colder days (coach’s discretion)


1. Win or lose I am proud to be a PT Indian. I will hold my head high and have fun. 

2. I will play for the team within my age group that is best suited for my experience and skills as determined by my Coaches. 

3. I will be prepared for each practice and game by bringing all of the equipment issued to me by the organization or equipment that is required by me to purchase.   

4. I will bring my pom poms to practice unless coaches tell me differently. For practice I will wear proper clothing (i.e. T-shirt, shorts, sweats depending on the weather), and sneakers (I will not be allowed to cheer in sandals, bare feet, jeans or skirts). 

5. I will wear to games my shell (top), skirt, bow, long sleeve (depending on weather), two poms, sneakers, and bloomers. 

6. My hair will be tied back. 

7. I will bring only water to practices, and games (no soda or sports drinks). 

8. I understand that I must pay attention to my Coaches, and not engage in horseplay to prevent causing injury to myself or my teammates

9. I will work hard in school and maintain good grades.  I will respect and obey my teachers.

10. I will respect and obey my parents/guardians. 

11. I will respect coaches, and address them as Coach (first name). 

12. I will respect my teammates and encourage them in a positive way, regardless of circumstances.

13. Sportsmanship will be my highest priority at all practices and games. 

14. I will not wear jewelry at practices and games. 

15. I will not chew gum at practices or games. 

16. I will not use profanity, inappropriate language, “trash talk” or taunt others, before, during or after a game or practice. 

17. I will give complete attention to the instructions of my coaches and league officials. 

18. I will respect, protect, and maintain my equipment in good condition.

19. I represent Peters Twp Cheerleading.  I will conduct myself in a way that presents a positive image of PTYCA and myself both on and off the field. 

20. I will make every effort to be at all games and practices on time.  If I know in advance I will be late or unavailable for a practice I will contact my Coach.  If I know in advance I will be late or unavailable for a game I will contact my Coaches so that they can plan accordingly.   

22. I agree that if I arrive late to the pre-game practice, and I have not contacted the coach to inform them of a situation, I will not be permitted to participate in the half time portion of that day’s game.  This is a necessary safety precaution so that the routine can be altered according to the number of girls performing that day. 

23. I understand that no lifting, jumps, stunting or gymnastics of any kind is permitted without the supervision of a qualified Coach.   

24. I know it is my job as a PTYCA cheerleader to spread PT spirit throughout the community. This includes participating in parades, charity events, football/cheer gift exchange and creating a sign for my designated football player during the season.

25. I will refrain from use of email and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) to maliciously and publically project a negative image of any form which attacks or harms the reputation of PTYCA, including but not limited to, my teammates, opposing team’s players/parents, as well as any coaches, officials, volunteers, etc. I will understand that negative comments of any form on social media relating to those mentioned above will NOT be tolerated and may result in suspension and/or my termination from the program.


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