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DSSC – FC42 Club Affiliation


FC42 Soccer Club

The FC42 soccer club was founded in 2012 by merging the U13 – U19 select soccer programs from a) Elite FC, b) Northwest FC, c) St. Brendan and d) Thunder SC.  With this merger came the opportunity for FC42 to become one of the largest and most competitive U13+ premiere club soccer programs in Central Ohio.

In short, FC42 quickly became a premier soccer experience for the more committed and capablesoccer player.  FC42 has created an environment that provides each player with a valuable learning experience, an opportunity to improve their soccer skills, an entry into higher levels of soccer. FC42 supports these principles by improving individual skills through well-structured practice sessions and playing games at the highest competitive age-appropriate level possible, increasing the tactical element of team play.

Each spring, over 500 players attend FC42’s tryouts. During those tryouts, evaluators determine the best players in the U13 - U19 age groups.  Based on their performance at two successive nightly tryouts held for each age group, FC42 teams are then formed by contacting the best player and inviting them to play on a team, then contacting the next best player and so on until a complete team is formed. If a sufficient number of players try out and are offered positions at the premier level, more than one team is formed in each age group.  Typically, FC42 creates 16 teams each year…denying roster positions to over 300 players who try out each year.

 Selected players are expected to play for the team for one year (fall and spring seasons) and must try out and make the team again the next year. The teams play in the Mid-West Regional League (MRL), the Mid-Ohio Select Soccer League (MOSSL), the Buckeye Premier League (BPYSL) and The Premiere League (TPL)…playing against other teams in Central Ohio, the state of Ohio and the mid-west region. During the year, FC42 teams play a Fall and Spring season, attend training camps and participate in tournaments locally and regionally.  Teams often participate in winter leagues at area indoor facilities and all FC42 teams are coached by highly credentialed, professional trainers/coaches.



Delaware Select Soccer Club

The Delaware Select Soccer Club (DSSC) is DYAA’s competitive soccer program.  DSSC teams play their regular season games in either the Mid-Ohio Select Soccer League (MOSSL) or Buckeye Premiere Youth Soccer League (BPYSL) and participate in at least two select tournaments. Typically, DSSC includes 18 – 20 boys and girls teams playing in the U-8 through U-19 Age divisions.  In total, there are over 200 boys and girls playing select/club soccer through DSSC. 


Coaches and Trainers representing the Delaware Select Soccer Club are well-experienced in the sport.  Each coach and trainer holds a coach’s license at least at the level required by the Ohio South Youth Soccer Association.  Every Delaware Select team has a Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Administrator.  In addition, teams are supported by Club Trainers.

Each spring, DSSC hosts tryouts for their select teams in the U-8 through U-19 boys and girls leagues.  Whenever appropriate, DYAA sponsors two or more DSSC teams in the same age bracket.  Every player must tryout to make a Select team and once selected, the player commits to playing for the full year (both fall and spring seasons).  DSSC teams typically play in the Mid-Ohio Select Soccer League (MOSSL), with several teams playing in the more competitive Buckeye Premiere Youth Soccer League (BPYSL). 

If a player attends a tryout and is not selected to a fall DSSC team, there are plenty of opportunities in the future…it simply means that the staff would like to see the player develop further and try out next year after playing in DYAA Rec for another year.  

The DSSC player costs are (by far) the lowest anywhere in Central Ohio.  For decades, DYAA Rec fees have supported the DSSC Select program, enabling the DSSC program to grow to the point of being self-sustaining.  When a player first accepts a position on a team, a non-refundable commitment fee must be paid.  Although fees are based on the entire year, payment plan options are available. 


Characteristics of FC42

·      offers top notch opportunities…but only for premier players

·      teams for premier players in the U13 – U19 age brackets

·      excellent coaching/training staff offering year-round camps and clinics

·      high levels of competition throughout the state and region

·      premier invitational tournaments (important for college-bound players)

·      reasonably and competitively priced with payment plans

·      Adidas uniforms, warm ups, full player/coach kits

·      player focused, great reputation 

·      ethical, honorable management/ownership

·      wants to serve/develop/retain the many players who are not ready for FC42’s premier level of play (but who are capable of playing at a select level

·      wants to provide opportunities up and down the rte. 42 corridor

·      committed to improving and increasing facilities and equipment

·      wants to host state-wide tournaments for all levels of select play 


Characteristics of DSSC

·      offers top notch opportunities…but only for select players (not premier)

·      loses players to FC42 (and other area clubs) because those clubs offer better opportunities, better training, etc

·      have teams for players in the U8 – U19 age brackets…but struggle to field teams in the U-14 – U19 ages

·      some very competitive teams and some premier players…but not throughout the entire club

·      good coaching/training staff, mostly parent coaches

·      lower levels of competition throughout Central OH

·      select level tournaments…often very competitive in the lower brackets

·      very reasonably and competitively priced with payment plans

·      Adidas uniforms

·      player focused, great reputation 

·      ethical, honorable management/ownership

·      wants to serve/develop/retain the many players who are not ready for FC42’s premier level of play (but who are capable of playing at a select level)

·      wants to provide better opportunities for Delaware players and all players up and down the rte. 42 corridor

·      committed to improving and increasing facilities and equipment

·      wants to host tournaments for all levels of select play




The DSSC – FC42 Affiliation

When reviewing the characteristics of both FC42 and DSSC, it is clear that a club affiliation would greatly benefit both clubs…and greatly benefit many more players than either club originally thought possible. That being said, the affiliation especially favors both DSSC and the many Delaware premier-level players who either decide to stay with DSSC or who leave DSSC for opportunities at other clubs.   

By affiliating, DSSC will receive more and more select-level players, enabling both DSSC and FC42 to field more teams than ever before.  Furthermore, premier-level players who either leave DSSC or stay with DSSC will now have opportunities to play and develop at the premier level.

Also by affiliating, DSSC and FC42 have shared strength and synergy enabling us to jointly attract more players from outlying communities…jointly attract more significant sponsors…jointly offer camps and clinics…jointly offer keeper training…jointly share, exchange and develop both players and coaches…jointly brand the two clubs.




-If you are U13 and above you would like to play at the BPL or higher level please register under ,  If you would like to play at the MOSSL BPL level please register under DSSC. 

-Once tryouts are over teams will be posted for parents to see on FC42 website if their child made a team and what team they were placed on.  If the child made a FC42 premiere team and does not want to play at that level then they will be placed on the MOSSL team.   

You will have 12-24hrs to except, this can be done online or on the phone.   There will be a follow up phone call.  

-20% discount is given to all players the first year of making a FC42 team.  After the first yr, 20% will be given to only U13’s coming in.  

-If you are not here for tryouts, the evaluation will have to come from your current coach, please let your coaches know asap if this is the case.   There may be an opportunity to train with the team you are trying out for.  

-DSSC coaches will be apart of the tryout evaluations for the FC42/DSSC tryouts.  

The focus for us is to draw in kids from outside of Delaware with FC42 to create 2-3 teams.  The lower team being a MOSSL team the upper team is FC42 premiere.    We hope to have an age group in U13 to U18/19 in the MOSSL level every year.



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