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2019 HSAA Cross Country


Grade Classification:
HSAA Cross Country Starts with 7th Grade
We understand that other HSAA Sports start at lower grades, due to the nature of the sport of Cross Country we need to start at 7th grade.
1. The Fall Cross Country Meets we attend do not have 6th grade races, many specify 7th and 8th grade teams.
2. There is a Spring Cross Country 4th through 6th grade and at this time HSAA Cross Country does not participate in.


HSAA Cross Country

And Families Hiring

Professional Coaches


HSAA Cross Country Coaches understand that parents have professional coaches training their young runners.  There are many benefits to doing so, and we will not inform parents they cannot hire coaches to do so.  There are many good coaches that have helped young runners develop into great runners.


HSAA Cross Country in the past, have had a few good relationships with some of these coaches and sometimes not so good.  Professional coaches should understand that having too many coaches does not work out in the long run.  They should also understand, that it is for the best that the coaching staff of HSAA CC, to become the primary coach.


HSAA Sports including Cross Country are not club teams.  We operate as a fully insured single private school.


We ask the following from parents who wish to hire professional coaches for their young runners:


1.       Once HSAA CC season officially begins that the Head Coaching Staff for HSAA Cross Country become their primary coaches.

2.       We only meet two times a week for practice, we require that all athletes show up and workout with the HSAA CC team at these practices. 

3.       At home practices for the remainder of the days in each week are up to the athletes on how much effort they want to put into these workouts.  We would prefer athletes work with their professional coaches during our at home days.

4.       We will allow special circumstances and ask that for a two week period of four practices, athletes must attend and workout with the team for three of them.

5.       We will not allow runners on the team to show up to socialize and act as assistant coaches because they have already did their workout with another coach.


All Athletes Must Be Able To Run 3 Miles Without Walking
HSAA Cross Country Does Not Have Tryouts
We do require all athletes MS/High School to be able to run 3 miles without having to walk.
We will not accept runners who can not run 3 miles with out walking
Starting the first week of August we want to concentrate on getting runners in race shape not running shape.
If an athlete that signs up for CC and we find that athlete is not able to complete the first week of practice (easiest of all the practices) without walking we will be having to work out some type of partial refund.


Varsity Time Qualification
In order to ever be qualified to run on the High School Varsity Team runners must run faster then the times mentioned below:

Varsity Girls : 5K in 30 minutes
Varsity Boys: 5K in 25 minutes

Some of the meets we run in will not allow Varsity Entries running slower then these times listed above.