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Pool Player Policy


What is this? A pool of players from existing regular season teams created with players that are willing to participate in extra games during the regular season when teams face a shortage of rostered players for a regular season game within their respective divisions. The Pool Players will be managed and run by the league’s Player Agent (Green Book, P. 39).


Steps to Obtain a Pool Player:

1)     Determine that you are in need of a player to abide by Rule 4.17 which states that a game cannot be played with less than 9 rostered players.

2)     Contact the league Player Agent and ask for a Pool Player. ONLY the Player Agent can assign a Pool Player to a team. Give as much notice as possible for the Player Agent to obtain a Pool Player for assignment.

NOTE: Managers and/or coaches do not have the right to randomly pick and choose players from the pool within their divisions (Green Book, P. 39).


Local Rules for Pool Players:

1)     Assigned Pool Player will take the defensive position in the outfield  ONLY.

2)     Assigned Pool Player will bat last in the lineup. EXCEPTION: If a team member arrives late to the game, that player will be placed last in the batting order (Green Book, Rule 4.04/NOTE 2).

The Pool Player will remain until he/she has played at least the mandatory play requirements. Pool Player must play at least nine consecutive outs and bat once (Green Book, P. 39).


Pool Players Obtained Improperly:

1)     If a manager obtains a Pool Player improperly, that manager will be suspended for his/her next regularly scheduled game.

2)     Any Pool Player that is not obtained properly should be considered an ineligible player and the opposing manager can protest the game base on that.   See Green Book Rule 4.19.