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Age Groups and Important Dates

Age Group Conversion Chart for 2018-2019 Year 
2015 - 4U               2013 - 6U                                     2009 & 2010 - 10U                2005 & 2006 - 14U               2000 - 2002 - 19U
2014 - 5U               2011 & 2012 - 8U                   2007 & 2008 - 12U                2003 & 2004 - 16U    

Contacted by Your Team Coach: 
Between February 4th - 8th
Game Schedules Released: 
By February 18th for 4U - 12U (Unknown for the 14U-19U GA Soccer Scheduling)
7U - 19U Practices and Games: 
Practices Start Week of February 11th and Games on March 2nd
4U - 6U Practices and Games
March 1st

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find field addresses and layouts?
A: For Field Addresses and Layouts, please click here.

Q: When are the registration periods?
A: Fall registration begins in mid-May and remains open through the middle of July.  Spring registration begins in mid-November through the end of January.  Three walk-up registration dates are offered during every registration period.  These dates vary from season-to-season and are posted at

Q: Does the league contact us after registration?
A: Not right away. Once coaches are found for each team, your team coach will contact you the week before practice begins.

Q: What is the registration fee?
4U-8U is $125. Registration fees do not include uniforms.
10U-12U is $150. Registration fees do not include uniforms.
14U-19U is $150. Registration fees do not include uniforms.
A $15 fee will be added to all non-Tyrone Residents, which is to be passed on to the Town of Tyrone.

Q: Uniform Pricing and Packages
The uniform package is two Jerseys (1 White, 1 Black), Pair of Shorts, Two Pair of Socks (1 White, 1 Black).  Individual items can also be purchased separately.

Uniforms can be purchased online, at T&G Allsports.  T&G Allsports is located at 100 Georgia 314 in Fayetteville. Phone: (770) 460-7700

Home - Black Jersey, Black Shorts, Black Socks
Away - White Jersey, Black Shorts, White Socks
12U-19U: Always have both jerseys and socks with you at all games at this age.

Q: When does training begin?
A: Training will begin at least two weeks before the beginning of the season.

Q: Training Practice/Needs
A:  Kids should be drinking plenty of water.  We live in Georgia and it is hot, and for some it will be the most physical activity in some time.  To avoid your child from feeling or getting ill, please have them hydrate.  Game and practice days are not enough. This will help them immensely!

- T-Shirts (No sleeveless shirts)
- Parents stand on the opposite sideline from the kids.
- Athletic Shorts
- Boots (Soccer Cleats)
- Wear socks over the shin guards (Not folded over)
- Bring a full water bottle
- Bring a properly inflated ball (Size 1 for 4U-6U, Size 3 for 7U & 8U, Size 4 for 10U-12U, Size 5 for 14U-19U)

Q: Regular Season Games - Start & End Dates
A7U-19U: The games for fall season will start the first Saturday after Labor Day and will conclude in mid-November. 

The games for spring season games will start the first weekend of March and end in mid-May.  Games will be predominantly on Saturdays with the rare Friday game.

4U-6U: The games for fall season will start at the end of August and will conclude in mid-November. The games for spring season will start at the end of February and end in mid-May.  Games and practices with take place back-to-back on Friday nights and 1-2 midweek games.

Q: Can my son/daughter play up an age group?
A: All requests for play ups must be submitted when registering.

Q: Can my son/daughter play down an age group?
A: No. It is against Georgia Soccer policy, which is our governing body.

Q: Can siblings play together?
A: If they are twins and triplets of the same gender will be placed together. If you would like to play a younger sibling with an older sibling and they aren’t age appropriate, please see info on play ups.

Q: Are the teams coed?
A: Teams are currently coed through 8U. We hope for teams to be coed only at 4U by Fall 2019. All other age groups are split into male and female divisions.

Q: Who will coach my son/daughters team?
A4U-8U: Professional coaches will lead the training sessions, and parent volunteer coaches will assist during training and manage the teams during the games.

10U-19U: Professionally licensed coaches will lead training sessions and almost all games.  Parent volunteer coaches will assist during training and games.

Lazers Soccer Club offers coaching classes and clinics before and during the season to help all of the coaches, regardless of prior experience.

Q: Where, when and how long will my players train and play their games?
A: For field locations and directions, please click here

4U – 6U: Train and games at Handley Park on Friday evenings.  30 minute training session immediately followed by a 30 minute game from 5:30 - 6:30 PM or 6:00 - 7:00 PM.
7U – 8U: Train and play at Handley Park. Day and time will depend on the volunteer coach.  One session a week for 60 minutes in length.
10U: Train at Handley Park. Games will be played at Handley Park and Peachtree City. Days and times will depend on the coach.  Two sessions a week for 60 minutes in length.
12U: Train at Handley Park. Games will be played in Tyrone, Fayetteville and Peachtree City. Days and times will be determined prior to the season.  Two sessions a week for 75 minutes in length.
14U - 19U: All training will be held at Handley Park.  Games will take place at various locations.. Days and times will be determined prior to the season.  Two sessions a week for 90 minutes in length.

Q: How many games will the teams have?
A: All teams will play approximately 10 games a season.

Q: What if I need a refund?
A: If you need to withdraw from the season before teams are formed, please contact our registrar and we will do our best to replace your child and give you a refund. Once teams are released, there will be no refunds.

Q: How do I know if the fields are open or closed?
A: Fields are updated by 3:00 PM each weekday, by 7:00 AM Saturday, and 11:00 AM Sunday here.

You can also receive status updates instantly through text message and/or e-mail.Please click here to get started.

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