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SoE Parents and Players,

We hope this email finds you all well during these different times.  For those new to the program welcome, to those returning welcome back.

Below you will find some important information regarding the upcoming School of Excellence season.


  • Training will begin on March 7, 2022 (Monday). All players will get a grey SoE training shirt and a blue game shirt at the first couple weeks of training.

  • All training sessions will be held at the Sportsplex Grass fields (2044 Landstown Centre Way, VA Beach, Va. 23456). We will communicate early if there are changes to this.


U5/6 Boys and Girls



Bring size 3 ball (properly inflated)

U7/8 Boys and Girls

Mondays and Thursdays


Bring size 3 ball (properly inflated)



  • The first games of the Season will be Saturday, March 19 . Last game May 14 (rain make-up date May 21).

  • The Schedule will be released soon and a mass email will be sent when released.

  • All games will be played at the Sportsplex Grass Fields (behind Sportsplex – enter through Hockey Complex on the Right)

Always bring both t-shirts to games. When two SoE teams are playing each other, the Home team will wear their blue game shirt and the Away team will wear their grey training shirt.


  • Players will receive a grey SoE training shirt (wear from training but bring to games) and a Blue Game shirt within the first couple of weeks of training.

  • For the first training session, please wear your grey SoE training shirt (if you have one), dark shorts and dark colored socks. No jewelry.

Additional SoE shirts will be available for purchase, but not until all players receive their first hand out. We will begin to sell the remaining stock the third week of practices. Cost per extra shirt is $10.


  • We will send out weekly emails on Mondays with information about the week ahead; please contact Liam Deady, [email protected]

  • To ensure you get all personal email addresses are added to the communication list, please go to your Blue Sombrero account and add emails through your settings (located at the top right of your database homepage). The settings button is shaped like a gear.

  • We will be holding age group parent meetings to welcome you to the program and share our expectations in the first couple of weeks of training. If you have any administrative and/or registration questions or issues, please contact Liam Deady at [email protected].

  • For any player or coaching questions/issues, please contact Coach Chris P at [email protected]. Please wait for 24 hours after the event if contacting about an issue that occurred during a game.

In case of cancellations, we will email and send a text message no later than 4 pm the day of the training session in question.

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  • Please remember that it is a game and that our non-negotiable rules for the players are: Give your best effort, have a great attitude and always be ready to compete.

  • Parents remember to tell your children that you loved watching them play. On the car ride home ask your child what they think they did well while playing, or what was fun about it. Please refrain from telling what you think they needed to do better or what coach should’ve done, or their teammates should’ve done. Remember our focus is on the process, not the outcome (score).

  • If you do have an issue, please wait a minimum of 24 hours after the event before emailing Liam or Chris P.

  • On game day you may see a coach that is not assigned to your team, rest assured they know the game and will not coach the player on the ball (this generally gives children the answers and takes away their creativity and affects their long-term development). At VA Rush we like to expose children to different coaches and styles, as well as playing with different players. The staff at SoE has been handpicked and all want to develop the person and player to their fullest potential. Success comes in different forms, from playing style, to a player accomplishing a move they’ve been working on mastering. Success is a journey, not a destination. We look forward to sharing this journey with you and your children.

  • Please make sure you are on time to pick up your child after each practice.

  • Sit in the designated viewing area

  • Follow all facility rules and expectations

Liam Deady                                    Chris Panayiotou

Advanced and SoE                        Developmental Director of Coaching VA Rush

Program Manager                         Rush Soccer Grass Roots Developmental Technical Director

VA Rush


  • Honest feedback

  • Constructive and positive coaching

  • Involve players in their own learning process

  • Allow players to make their own decisions

  • Know that we will coach the game and not the scoreboard

  • Understand that we will not allow the PRESSURE to beat the PLEASURE

  • Planned, fast-paced training sessions

  • Evaluation of your child’s abilities at U8 and above

  • Empower players by giving players ownership

  • Develop the Person


2044 Landstown Centre Way 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

Phone: 757-430-3500
Email: [email protected]


Mon-Fri 9AM-4PM
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