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The El Rio Youth Football and Cheer Organization (Jr Spartans) is a chapter of thePacific Youth Football League(PYFL) and we are dedicated to teaching children ages 6 to 14 football and cheerleading fundamentals.

Article I Membership

The Jr Spartans consist of voting members (also referred to as “the Board”). In order to be a voting member, a prospective member must have their membership application approved by a 2/3 vote of the Board. There are no membership fees.

Article II Board of Directors

Section A – Number of Board Members

1. The authorized number of board members will be 14 which hold an assigned position. 



The Executive Board will consist of the following members:


Vice President



Athletic Director

The General Board with consist of the following members:

Equipment Manager

Head Team Parent

Snack Bar Coordinator


Apparel Rep


Social Media Rep



Member At Large

Member At Large

Section B – Election and Term of Office

1. Election of the Board will be held at the first general membership meeting of the calendar year. Each position will be voted upon individually and requires a simple majority of the voting members present to elect a person to the board.

2. Board member positions are held for a four year term.

3. Vacancies in the Board shall be filled in the same manner and voted upon at the next available board meeting

4. Each executive board member has certain duties and functional responsibilities. Each can appoint an executive staff to assist them in the conduct of their duties.

Section C - Board Member Duties

1. President

a. Preside over all meetings

b. Appoint all committees

c. Administer the bylaws and rules of the Oxnard Knights as set forth

d. Be given certain discretionary powers to permit carrying out the policies of the

Board expeditiously

e. Oversee certification/registration processes

f. Attends PYFL meetings

2. Vice President

a. Stand in for the President when the President is unavailable

b. Oversee certification/registration processes

c. Player uniform ordering and number assignment

d. Prepare player evaluation matrix for all divisions

e. Attends PYFL meetings

3. Treasurer

a. Manage the financial affairs of the chapter

b. Submit a financial statement monthly to the Executive Board

c. Responsible for all Federal and State filing requirements

d. Responsible for League Insurance renewal

e. Responsible for reporting budget and expenses

f. Manage registration process including on-line registration

4. Secretary

a. Record the minutes of each meeting and distribute to the Board

b. Handle the clerical and general correspondence duties associated with Oxnard

Knights administration

c. Ensure that the Board conducts its affairs in accordance with the bylaws of the

PYFL and Jr Spartans chapter

d. Be responsible for the Board member nomination process

e. Assist with registration process

f. Responsible for PYFL team book certification process

g. Maintain Chapter Website

h. Manage banquet/event planning

5. Athletic Director

a. Responsible for enforcing all rules set forth by the PYFL

b. Serve as principal liaison for coaches

c. Manage coach’s certification process

d. Ordering of Coaches Game Shirts

e. Coordinate the Coaches Clinic

f. Enforce all rule violations by teams

g. Manage game day audit procedures and Field Commissioners

h. Be responsible for the Protest/Appeal Process set forth by the PYFL

i. Assist Vice President with evaluation matrix for all divisions

6. Equipment Manager

a. Responsible for equipment distribution and collection for players and teams

b. Evaluate safety of player and team equipment take player measurements to ensure proper fit of equipment Ordering of player equipment and team equipment

7. Team Parent Liaison

Oversee and disseminates team information to team parents reps Coordinates snack bar work schedules with team parent reps Assist Secretary with PYFL team book certification process Assist with banquet/event planning

8. Snack Bar Coordinator

a. Responsible for purchasing snack bar food and supplies

b. Manage snack bar on game days

c. Manage referee fees and processes on game days

d. Submits all monies to Treasurer for deposit

e. Assist with banquet/event planning

9. Field Manager

a. Manage game day audit procedures

b. Enforce rules in accordance with PYFL Rules

c. Serves as chapter rep at home games with officials

d. Serves as point of contact for visiting team

e. Manages crowd control

10. Apparel Rep

a. Ordering and managing inventory of fan attire

b. Ordering player spirit pack

c. Manage apparel booth at practice field and home game field

d. Submits all monies to Treasurer for deposit

11. Fundraising Rep

a. Organize all fundraising events

b. Solicits corporate sponsorships and donations

c. Ordering of sponsorship banners

12. Social Media Rep

a. Manage Chapter Facebook and Instagram accounts

13. Safety Coordinator

a. Manages all safety issues with respect to players, equipment and fields

b. Maintains injury reporting processes with chapter and player involved incidents

c. Orders and distributes safety supplies first aid kits and ice packs to each team

14. Cheer Director

a. Responsible for all cheer related activities

b. Manage cheer registration process

c. Manage uniform fitting and ordering

d. Submits all monies to the Treasurer for deposit

15. Members At Large (2)

a. Assists with chapter duties/events as needed

b. Serve on specific committees as assigned by the President

16. Head Coaches

a. All head coaches must be Board approved

b. Assist with chapter events: i.e. registration, snack bar, distribution/collection of


Section D – Suspension, Dismissal and Resignation

1. Any member of the Jr Spartans, player, adult, or Board Member is subject to

suspension or dismissal from the program by the Board if, in its opinion, their failure to comply with the Bylaws of the Jr Spartans or Rules of the PYFL is detrimental to the program and the PYFL.

2. Evidence of misconduct or failure to comply with the Bylaws or Rules shall be presented in writing to an Executive Board Member and will outline, in detail, the charge being presented. The subject of the complaint will be given notice of the charge being presented, and will be given an opportunity to respond at the Board where the charges are to be heard. At the next regular meeting, or a special meeting if deemed necessary, the complaint will be heard by the Board and a decision will be handed down.

3. Suspension or dismissal will require a 2/3 vote of the Board.

4. Board members are required to attend monthly meetings. Any board member with 3 absences will be removed.

5. Any board member may resign at any time by giving written notice or by announcement at the next available meeting. Any such resignation shall take effect at the date of such notice. The acceptance of such resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective

Article III Meetings

1. Meetings of the entire Board will be held monthly. All normal business will be conducted at these meetings unless otherwise directed by the President.

2. The Secretary will notify all members of time and location, and if the need to reschedule arises.

3. Special meetings may be called by the President as necessary.

4. A majority of the Board will constitute a quorum for any meeting.

Article IV Voting

1. Each member has 1 vote. A member must be present at a meeting in order to receive the vote. The President does not vote on issues unless the event of a tie occurs. President’s vote will be the deciding vote. In the event a board member position consists of a co-chair, only one vote is allowed for the position. Should the two co-chairs not agree the member with seniority will place a vote.

2. Voting will be conducted by show of hands and the Secretary will tally the votes

3. All business to be conducted by a simple majority vote except as defined herein.

4. If a decision requiring the vote of the Board arises during a meeting in which an affected Board member is not present, the executive board will make an attempt to contact the member during the meeting.

Article V Registration Process

All football players meeting the age and weight requirements as set by the PYFL are eligible to participate in the Jr Spartans program. Cheerleaders age requirement is from ages 6 to 14 years old and have no weight requirement.

1. Registration fees

a. Amount will be determined by the board prior to the advertisement of

registration dates.

b. Fees will be based on fair market value

c. Fees can be made by cash, check or credit card. Any returned payment must be

made whole within one week of notification or participant will be dropped

d. Fees must be paid in full by June 1st. Failure to pay will result in being dropped

from the program.

2. A refund will be offered to any player or cheerleader deciding not to participate prior to June 1st. No refunds will be offered after June 1st.

3. Registration dates will be set at the December meeting for the following year

4. On-line registration will be made available for the duration of the registration period. All on-line registers will be required to attend a walk in registration to verify age and weight and be assigned to a team. Players failing to show may be dropped.

Article VI Records and Reports.

All expenditures of the Jr Spartans so authorized by the Board shall require the approval of two Executive Board Members. Email confirmation will constitute compliance with this Article. The Jr Spartans  will operate on a fiscal year beginning January 1st and ending December 31st . This will apply both to financial matters and board member positions. All financial records will be kept by the Treasurer and financial statements will be provided to the Executive Board at the monthly meetings. All meeting minutes will be kept by the Secretary and will be provided to the Board at the following monthly meeting. All records are open for inspection.

Article VII Rules/Bylaws Interpretation, Additions, Changes

1. Interpretations of any Article of the Bylaws or Section thereof, or any Rule of this program or organization, shall rest with the Board.

2. A 2/3 majority vote to amend or add rules is required.

3. A 2/3 majority vote to amend or add bylaws is required.


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Jr Spartans Youth Football & Cheer

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Ventura County, California 93035

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Jr Spartans Youth Football & Cheer

Ventura County Ca 
Ventura County, California 93035

Phone: 805-253-3754
Email: [email protected]
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