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Jan, 2024

Bad News Bears

🚨 Attention, Baseball and Softball Crew! 🚨
Hey there, slugger parents! We've got an announcement to make that's a bit of a curveball, but bear with us! 🥎⚾
Sometimes the cheers from the bleachers can be a bit... enthusiastic, let's say. We LOVE the passion, truly! But sometimes, that passion turns into a fastball of emotions, and we end up with a few 'Wild Pitches' from the sidelines. 📢🙅‍♂️
To keep our fields the happy, sunny places they should be, we're throwing a new rule into play! If you've had a bit of a 'strikeout' moment and got ejected for a bit of a shouting match, no hard feelings! But, here's the deal: To get back in the game as a spectator, we're inviting you to step up to the plate in a new way. 🤝
Yep, you guessed it! You'll have the chance to put on your umpire gear and call the shots for our T-ball games! Three sessions behind the plate, and you're back in the stands, cheering on your little superstars! 🌟⚾
Think of it as a chance to 'pitch' in, see the game from a whole new angle, and hey, maybe discover a hidden talent for calling balls and strikes! 🦓📏
Let's keep the diamond sparkling and the cheers loud (but positive), folks! Together, we'll hit a home run for good vibes and sportsmanship! 🎉🏆
Cheers to a great season ahead, and remember: Keep it fun, keep it kind, and let's knock it out of the park together! 🎈🎉