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Dear Prospective Parents,

Thank you for considering the Delaware Select Soccer Club (DSSC) as the soccer family for your child. The information contained in the following pages highlights what the club is about, what to expect at the tryouts and what to expect after the tryouts. We hope the information is helpful and proves to be a valuable resource for your family.


The Delaware Select Soccer Club (DSSC) is DYAA’s competitive soccer program. DSSC teams play their regular season games in the Mid Ohio Select Soccer League (MOSSL), Buckeye Premier Soccer League (BPL), Ohio Champions League (OCL) or Central Ohio Premier League (COPL) and participate in at least two select, invitational tournaments in the Fall season and 2 in the Spring season. DSSC boasts over 20 competitive boys and girls select teams playing in the U-8 Academy through U-19 Age divisions. 


Player Fees can be found under "Parent Resources" under the Fee tab. 


  • The uniform package will consist of 2 jerseys, 1 pair of shorts, 2 pairs of socks and a training tee.  All Adidas gear.
  • Cost is approximately $125 and Uniforms are switched out every two years.
  • Families will be asked to attend a uniform sizing and ordering session after making a team.  
  • Orders will be made online by the parent, you will be able to pay for your gear and order extra gear as needed. More info to come on this. 
  • U8 Academy Uniform jerseys are included in their registration price. Players must also purchase the shorts, 2 pairs of socks, and a training tee. 

Tryouts - Frequently Asked Questions 

(U8 Academy does not tryout, they do need to register) 

A complete tryout schedule for teams playing during the 2019/20 season can be found on our website under Tryouts. Tryout Flyer includes information on the tryout age group guidelines, dates, times and locations.

The Tryout Process & Evaluation

  • You must pre Register online for our tryouts.
  • Tryouts are held over a two day period for each age group. Each tryout session will last approximately 1.5hrs. Players are encouraged to attend both days if possible to allow our independent evaluators and coaching staff the opportunity to assess their skills. The more opportunities the evaluators have to see you child, the better their evaluation will be and subsequently the easier it will be to place your child on the correct team. 
  • The assessment will be on technical ability, small group and game-situation performance.
  • When all evaluation completed we will have a better idea on how many teams we will have in each age grps. The age grps and roster sizes may vary.  If we have enough kids to make two teams in one age group then we will make an "A" team and a "B" team, if we have enough for a "C" team then we will do that. 
  • Age Groups: 
  • 7V7 U9 and U10 Boys and Girls Maximum roster is 12 minimum is 8 
  • 9V9U11 and U12 Boys and Girls Maximum roster is 14 Minimum is 10
  • 11V11 U13 and up Maximum roster is 22 minimum is 13

Notification - Did my child make a team?

  • At the end of each tryout week, the evaluation team (independent evaluators and coaches) will meet to review the player’s evaluations and create the teams for next year. Together, the group will work to form the teams. The focus will be on the developmental needs of each player & team, and will place players in the appropriate level of play, MOSSL, BPL, OCL, COPL
  • Offers to participate on a team may be made immediately, (i.e. the day of tryouts), following any tryout.
  • A member league, coach, and / or club may offer a position on a team to ANY of its currently registered players 7 days prior to the start of the tryout period for that age group

  • You will be officially notified VIA email if your son or daughter has made a team.  A time period to except this position will be limited.  

Team Meetings

After offers are extended and accepted, there is much work that needs to be completed over the summer to ensure the players can start the season in August. Uniforms must be ordered online, paperwork and fees collected, meet the coaching staff and so much more! The team meetings are designed to share information with parents about the upcoming season, allow the players to meet their teammates and to collect paperwork necessary to prepare for the team’s participation in competitive leagues. 

Fundraising Opportunity

DSSC has a wonderful way to offset your child's playing fees.  All parents have the opportunity to work shifts at the Mingo Park concession stands.  Every worker is paid per shift, kids are permitted to help, but are not paid unless they are 18 and over.   The Concession stand is set up to help out with the fee's and has been very successful the past two years.   If you are interested in picking up shifts to off-set you fee's please contact Tanya Brehm at [email protected] 

Code Of Conduct



All parents, players and coaches (hereinafter referred to as “participants”) who participate in the Delaware Youth Athletic Association soccer program  OR Delaware Select Soccer club are required to comply with the following Code Of Conduct:


  1. Soccer belongs to the players.  Participants must understand this must never place winning or their own personal desires above the safety, welfare, or good sportsmanship of all participants. Advantage shall never be sought by deliberately violating the rules of soccer nor by engaging in un-sportsmanlike behavior.  Coaches shall not tolerate un-sportsmanlike behavior by parents or members of their own team toward opponents, officials, or spectators, regardless of the situation.  Coaches and parents have an obligation to teach good sportsmanship by both word and example.


B.    The rules of soccer are written to insure a continuous flow of action, while protecting the safety of the players.  Coaches must be familiar with and abide by the rules of play for their league/age level and shall insure that players and parents also understand and adhere to both their letter and spirit.


  1. Players should treat the players on other teams in a friendly and courteous manner and in the same way they would like opposing players to treat them.  Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their team and supporters at the field.


  1. Coaches should be as “inconspicuous” as possible during the game (unless the rules of their age level suggest that they be on the field).  Instructions should be given during practice sessions.  During a game, instructions should be limited.


  1. Public or private criticism of officials by coaches, players or spectators is not permitted.  Coaches shall maintain a controlled, undemonstrative attitude toward officials.  VERBAL AND/OR PHYSICAL ABUSE OF REFEREES SHALL NOT BE TOLERATED.  DYAA/DSSC strives to foster good sportsmanship and a participant’s positive or negative example at games either greatly reinforces, or significantly undermines that effort.  “Be there, be positive, and be seated.”  Regardless of the skill level or success of a team or player, participants should be supportive.  


DYAA/DSSC is committed to upholding these standards and all age level rules.  As such, any participant who is deemed to have violated any DYAA/DSSC standard or rule will be given a verbal warning by a designated member of the DYAA/DSSC Board Of Directors.  If that same individual is deemed to have violated any DYAA/DSSC standard or rule for a second time, he/she will be given a written warning by a designated member of the DYAA/DSSC Board Of Directors. 


If that same individual is deemed to have violated any DYAA/DSSC standard or rule for a third time, he/she will be given written notice of termination from the DYAA program either for the remainder of the season or for a stated number of years.  As such, if this individual is a DYAA/DSSC coach or assistant coach, he/she will not be permitted to coach nor be present at the field where his/her team(s) or his/her child’s team(s) is playing or practicing.  If this individual is the parent of a child(ren) playing in the DYAA/DSSC soccer program, he/she will not be permitted to be present at the field where his/her child’s team(s) is playing or practicing.  If this individual is a player, he/she will not be permitted to play or practice on any DYAA/DSSC team for the stated period of time. This written notice of termination shall be given to the participant by a designated member of the DYAA Board Of Directors in a manner consistent with the complaint and grievance procedure outlined in the DYAA/DSSC Constitution and By-Laws.




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