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Aug, 2020

Letter to Parents: PHWM Soccer 2020 Fall recreation soccer program to run


You are receiving this email because you have registered for PHWM Soccer fall program on an age group wait list. The wait list was used to ensure there was not payment until a decision to run the fall soccer program was confirmed. Please read all of this message!

PHWM Soccer will run a fall recreation soccer program. The participants will be those who have registered on an age group wait list between 7/12/20 and 8/3/2020. Selected age groups may have registration opened to increase the number of participants to fill a set number of teams, this will be limited and announced separately.  Registration for the Fall program will be less half the normal number in the PHWM Soccer fall program ( 1200 vs ~550). No child may participate in the PHWM Soccer fall program without registering and the parent agreeing to the Baltimore County COVID Waiver ( during registration ).

All current wait list registrations will be released from the wait lists on Monday 8/17. A message will be sent to the email address listed in the registrants' owner account stating an order has been created and to sign in to your account completing registration payment. Please make payment or cancel the order within 5 days of receiving the email notice.

PHWM Soccer is a volunteer organization. To have a Fall recreation soccer program will require the support of families participating in the program to follow the COVID-19 guidelines, rules and preventative requirements to stop the spread of the coronavirus as best as possible. Baltimore County Parks and Recreation could cancel the program if guidelines are not followed. Details are below and will be posted to the PHWM Soccer websites.

Parents: if you and your child(ren) will not commit to the preventive requirements please cancel your order for the fall soccer program!! PHWM Soccer administrator will remove children/parents, from the fall program, who will not follow the guidelines.

PHWM Soccer will purchase washable face masks for all volunteer coaches,  team mangers and all players.  Additional face masks may be available for purchase, process to be determined.

Thank you to the parents that have registered to volunteer to coach and be team managers. PHWM Soccer recognizes this will not be the normal coaching experience with the Covid-19 guidelines.

Unfortunately there are age groups short on volunteer coaches and we must have enough coaches to run those age groups. PHWM Soccer understands the additional risk for a volunteer this season but must request additional volunteers for the following age groups:

  • U8 boys (2013/2014)  Need a minimum of 8 head coaches and 8 assistant coaches. Currently have volunteers - 5 head coaches and 6 assistant coaches       
            Contact age group coordinator Nick Smith [email protected]
  • U10 boys (2011/2012) Need a minimum of 8 head coaches and 8 assistant coaches. Currently have volunteers - 2 head coaches and 4 assistant coaches
    Contact age group coordinator Greg Kondilas  -  [email protected]
  • U12 girls (2009/2010) Need a minimum of 3 or 4 head coaches and 3 or 4 assistant coaches. Currently have volunteers - 2 head coaches and 1 assistant coaches
    Contact age group coordinator Maurice Powell - [email protected]
  • U12 boys (2009/2010) Need a minimum of 5 or 6 head coaches and 5 or 6 assistant coaches. Currently have volunteers - 4 head coaches and 0 assistant coaches
            Contact age group coordinator Maurice Powell - [email protected]
  • HS Boys and Girls Need a minimum of 2 or 3 head coaches and 2 or 3 assistant coaches
    Contact age group - [email protected]

 PHWM Soccer will provide coaches with the follow for COVID-19 guidelines :

  1. extra cones marking areas for social distancing for players' equipment/water/rest place
  2. information for set up social distancing for a practice or game
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. method for parent/player self screening
  5. method for temperature checking, if required or a coach request checking

Game and practice information:

  1. Games and clinics will be scheduled on Saturday mornings and afternoon, scheduled practice will be one or two weeknight practices ( Monday - Thursday )
  2. Age groups will be assigned to a field(s) at a single location for practices and games. Locations to be determined
  3. PHWM Soccer website will be updated with additional field and practice information

PHWM Soccer COVID-19 guidelines/rules for team practice and games: 

  •    Players must wear masks approaching and leaving fields
  •    Coaches should wear mask coming/going to the field and on field
  •    Player bags and drinks MUST be spaced out by minimum of 6 feet
  •    Cones placed out for players to place their bag/equipment/water container etc. socially distanced as they arrive
  •    Parents / Players must self screen prior to coming to training, if there are any signs of illness they must stay home
  •    Parents must socially distance while at practice / games and wear a face mask.
  •    If a player tests positive for COVID-19 or is exposed to a person with COVID-19 , this must be immediately reported it to the Coach/Coordinator, then Director of PHWM Soccer and the player NOT attend any practice or game.

Baltimore County Parks and recreation fall sports guidelines/rules:

  • Participation in programs is only allowed if you have had no signs or symptoms of Covid-19, and you have not been exposed to someone who has had signs or symptoms of Covid-19 for a minimum period of 14 days before participation
  • Participation in programs requires a signed Baltimore County COVID Waiver Form
  • If you are sick or feel sick, you should remain home
  • At risk individuals, youth or adult, should remain home
  • Temperature checks are required for players, volunteers and coaches (HOW THIS IS IMPLEMENT WILL BE COMMUNICATED BEFORE PRACTICES START)
  • Hand sanitizer should be available at all activities
  • Assign an area for each player to place their equipment
  • No sharing of drink bottles or any personal equipment
  • No centralized hydration or refreshment areas
  • Masks are required by all volunteers and coaches in the program
  • Masks are required for participants when entering the field and while on the bench
  • Masks are not required for players and officials while on the field of play, but are recommended
  • Social distancing should be practiced at all possible times
  • Participants should refrain from handshakes, huddles and high fives

CDC Considerations for Youth Sports:

Exposure to COVID-19 - follow CDC guidelines for quarantine. Could mean a whole team or teams be out for 14 days minimum

Self screen ( this may be on-line)

  • As a member of the PHWM Soccer community, I must answer the following screening questions prior to attending any sanctioned PHWM Soccer related practice and/or game event.
  • Instructions:
    • All questions must be answered 2-3 hours prior to any PHWM Soccer in-person event,
    • If you answer NO to all questions relating to symptoms, please proceed to your PHWM Soccer event.
    • If you answer YES to any of the questions relating to symptoms, please contact your PHWM Soccer coaching staff immediately, DO NOT attend any PHWM Soccer event until further instructions are provided.


  1. Does your child have a temperature 100 or above 
  2. Since you last completed this survey, has anyone in your household tested positive for COVID 19, OR are you currently having any of the following symptoms:
    a. COVID-19 exposure in past 14 days
        b. Sore throat
        c. Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
        d. Fever >100.4 F
        e. Chills
        f. Headache
        g. Sinus congestion
        h. Cough persistent and/or productive
        i. Joint aches and soreness
        j. Vomiting or diarrhea
        k. Rash
  3. Had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 with 72 hours 
  4. NO, proceed to your PHWM Soccer event
  5. Yes, contact your coaching staff, DO NOT attend any PHWM Soccer events at this time
    1. Do not go to training facilities or fields with any of the above symptoms. Remotely communicate your health status to coaches, team administrators, within 24 hours of your training session. Parents (and not the minor player) should communicate with the coach. Speak to a physician and follow CDC guidelines on self-quarantine.
    2. Should a member of your household be experiencing the symptoms above, the family member should consult a physician.

Terry Nolan
Rick Townley
PHWM Soccer Commissioners
PHWM Soccer Age group Coordinators

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