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Fee Structure FOR DSSC TEAMS (FC 42 fees will be shown on their website if you make a team)


Each player must tryout to make a Select Teams; the teams play in the Mid Ohio Select Soccer League (MOSSL) and the Buckeye Premier League (BPYSL).  A player is committing to play for the FULL year, Fall and Spring.  

1: When A player has accepted a spot on the team, 1/4 of your yearly fee is non refundable.  Please look on our Refund Policy for more information.

2: Fee’s do include a 2.8% cc Processing fee.

3: Fee’s are based for the year, not per season. 

4: We will have 3 payment plan options for you to pick from.
  OPTION 1: Full Payment
  OPTION 2: 1/2 of your yearly fee's paid in two installments, Once after excepting a spot, 2nd payment in Nov. 
  OPTIONS 3:  1/5 of your yearly fee's paid in five installments, Once after excepting a spot, 2nd payment in August 3rd in Nov. 4thin Jan and 5thin March. 

5: Admin Fee’s will be ½ off.
6. If you have made a BPL team, your fee's will be adjusted to add the difference between MOSSL and BPL This usually happens 2 weeks after team is formed. 
7. The Fee's include TWO Tournaments a Season for MOSSL, THREE for BPL.  8 Season Run games, 8-10 Season Run games for Academy.  2-3 Training Session a week     A OWU Clinic run by the Men's and Women's OWU Soccer Team, 4-5 Keeper training sessions.  

Do to MOSSL and BPL fee's and Ref fee's going up for 2017/2018 we are having to adjust our yearly fee's 

 BPL U12 YR Fee
 U8 Academy
(No Tournament)
 $445.00 $89.00 for 5 months.  
(months listed above)
 U9 and U10 $789.00 $157 for 5 month
(months listed above)
 U11 and U12 $801.00 $160.00 for 5 month
(months listed above)
 U12 BPL
$900.00 payment plan options available
 U13 to U15 $820.00 $164.00 for 5 month
(months listed above)
 High School Spring $442.00 $88 for 5 month
(months listed above)