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Apache Junction Black & Gold Youth Football League


The Black & Gold Youth Football League (BGYFL) is a youth organization dedicated to providing a safe and fun sporting experience for boys and girls.  We provide young athletes the opportunity to participate in an organized and competitive sporting arena.  The overall goal of this program is to teach the basic fundamentals of football and cheerleading while instilling characteristics that are required to be a productive member of any organization:sportmanship, teamwork, sacrifice and self-discipline to name a few.  We strongly believe that a youth sports program can help to deter children from school violence, drugs, alcohol and gang activity by giving the athlete purpose, direction and confidence.

The football program had been active in the community for over 15 years but has been under different leadership and names throughout its existence.  Just over 5 years ago, BGYFL has changed its name to “Prospectors” along with its colors to “Black & Gold” to join forces with the Apache Junction High School Football program.  This relationship has provided the high school players many opportunities to be mentors, coaches, leaders and positive role models for the younger BGYFL players both on and off the playing field.  The BGYFL players have experienced football and cheer in a way that many young athletes may never get to experience.

  • During home AJHS football games the BGYFL players make a tunnel for the AJHS players to walk through, cheering on the team for that nights competition; the league also gets introduced over the PA system right before kick-off as the run across the field
  • When the BGYFL players go to local stores and restaurants they get to see the high school players who are working there, the BGYFL players have been coached and mentored by these young men over the past seasons
  • Attend low cost, sometimes free, skills and agility camps put on by AJHS football coaches and players
  • Build a strong relationship with BGYFL players / coaches and the AJHS players / coaches                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Every season the league along with the players and their parents raise thousands of dollars through fundraising and donations to ensure that the young athletes receive the best, safest and most enjoyable sporting experience possible.  The league does charge a registration fee for each player, but covers only a small portion of the money necessary to operate the program.  Some of the fees associated with the program include:

  • Field and Lights rental from AJ Parks and Rec
  • Insurance for players and coaches / Background checks
  • Player Equipment / Field Equipment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Without the help of our many talented volunteers and the financial support from sponsors we would not be able to continue this service to the community. 
Thank You!!!

Please support the following businesses as they have contributed to BGYFL.

  • Academy Mortgage- Apache Junction
  • AJI Sporting Goods
  • Apache Junction High School
  • Apache Junction Parks & Recreation
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Doug’s Performance Transmissions
  • East Valley Sports
  • Frontier Ace Hardware
  • The Hitching Post 
  • VFW


Black and Gold Youth Football is a youth organization dedicated to providing a safe and fun sporting experience for boys and girls. Each year, we spend thousands of dollars to insure that our children receive the best and safest experience possible. In order for us to continue providing children with a quality football program such as ours, we are asking for your financial assistance.

Names of contributors will be displayed on an advertising banner which will be presented at each home game.If you are interested in providing a monetary donation to assist in continuing to provide a great sporting experience for youth, please download the sponsorship form.