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Tips from the Independent Umpires Association

Every game is a new game. Don't worry if you feel you have had a bad game. Review it, and try to analyze your mistakes. Get ready for the next one.

Patience is not only a virtue, it's essential. The umpires control the game. If you lose your temper, you lose control.

Umpires function as a team. You should not be publicly critical of each other on or off the field and should support each other as necessary.

Good mechanics are necessary. Call should be made firmly and without hesitation. Umpires who "showboat" detract from the game and do nothing to improve it.

Umpires may be requested to explain a decision, but should never become argumentative about it.

Umpires should always be alert to field conditions which may call for a special ground rules. Keep unused equipment from the playing field and be continuously aware of and looking for threats to player safety.

Keep your eye on the ball at all times. Be on top of the play, not part of the play.

Have your head on right. Don't think that your uniform grants you immunity from having to take a little criticism. It's part of officiating. Plan on it. Successful officials know how much to take.

Don't Bark. If you don't like to be shouted at, don't shout at someone else. Be firm with a normal relaxed voice. Shouting indicates a loss of control - not only of one's self, but also of the game.

Show confidence. Cockiness has absolutely no place in officiating. Your presence should command respect from the participants. As in any walk of life, appearance, manner, and voice determine how you are accepted. Present the proper image.

Forget the fans. As a group, fans usually exhibit three characteristics; ignorance of the rules, highly emotional partisanship, and delight in antagonizing the officials.

Stay cool!!! Your purpose is to establish a calm environment for the game. Nervous or edgy officials are easily spotted by fans, coaches and players alike.

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