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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

1.) Who can participate in the league?
- Any child who attends La Grange School District 102 and is in either 5th or 6th grade

2.) Are there try-outs?
- NO, but there is player assessments at the beginning of each season.  This is to seek out the ability of each child to try and set team rosters as evenly as we can.  This is not an exact science, but we do do our best! 

3.) What is the cost of the league?
- The cost is $35/player, per season. 

4.) How many seasons are there in our league?
- We run two seasons per year.
Season #1 (Fall) - Boys Volleyball / Girls Basketball (August Registration)
Season #2 (Winter) - Boys Basketball / Girls Volleyball (December Registration)

5.) Do I sign-up for both seasons at once?  
- NO...  The fall season sign-up is in August and winter season sign-up will be in December.

6.) Are my kids safe?
- Of course they are, we adhere to all school district policies.  All coaches do submit to background Criminal Checks.

7.) What is I can not afford to sign-up my child?
- We have that covered as well!  Our program operates under an inclusiveness mindset and as such, we offer a scholarship program for ALL Need Based families.  You will need to register an account and apply for acceptance to the scholarship program before you can register your child for your interested sport.

8.) Can I donate to the scholarship program?
- YES!!  We operate under the LD School District 102 Non-for-profit umbrella, so we even issue tax deductible receipts! 

9.) You don't publish the game and team practice schedules until after I sign-up my child, what if I have conflicts with other activities on some nights? 
- NO PROBLEM! Because our league is not competitive, but rather an introductory to basic skill sets to Basketball & Volleyball.  We are aware kids/families have other commitments in their daily lives and while we encourage all children to attend as many practice and games as possible, they will NOT see any less playing time at games they can attend.    

10.) I have a child who is interested to work the Score Keeper or Hall Monitor position, what do I do? 
- We welcome all interest people!  They MUST be in at least 7th grade or older to work and follow these steps:
- Create an account on our website
- Your child must register for the program of "2016 Winter - Hall Mon. & Score Kprs." and Check out.
11.) When I create an account, do I create it as my child or as a parent?
- Create the account as the parent.  After which, you add your child/childern to your profile and sign them up to their interested sport. 

12.) What if I feel like I am not receiving emails from the league?
- You will need to check your SPAM/Junk folder.  Beside to allow the following three email addresses to pass through;

- [email protected]

- [email protected]

- [email protected]

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