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General Rules all Divisions

Oxford Lassie League

General Rules for All Divisions


1 ASA Fastpitch rules shall apply. Oxford Lassie League rules shall supersede ASA rules


2. All games must start on time. For the Junior and Senior Division, there will be ASA umpires assigned to each game. If no umpire arrives, an umpire will be selected from a spectator or assistant coach from each team to work the game. One umpire may be used if umpire is acceptable to both teams. It is the responsibility of both coaches to instruct the umpires to the ground rules and basic book rules.

      -For the 10U Division, high school and college-aged umpires will be assigned.  If no umpire arrives, coaches will appoint a spectator or an assistant coach to work the game. Coaches are to instruct the umpire on ground rules and basic book rules. Games may be played with only one umpire.


3. The Home Team will have the First Base Side on all fields if two Oxford teams are playing against each other. Home teams playing on field 2 (middle field) will be on the third base side and be responsible for running the concession stand.


4. Umpires and coaches are asked to police themselves in speeding up games. Players should have balls and gloves ready to RUN to their positions at the end of each half inning. Catchers should have shin guards on unless they are on base, at bat, or on deck. Coaches should be ready to help catchers put their equipment on.


5. Umpires have the authority to speed up games by disallowing warm-ups between innings in slow moving games.


6. No games shall start the top of an inning 15 minutes prior to the start of the next scheduled game or 1 hour & 45 minutes from game scheduled start time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Weeknight games shall not start an inning after 7:45p.m. EXCEPTION: If a game is tied at the end of regulation, it will be at the umpire’s discretion if it is light enough to continue.


7. Games that end in a tie will utilize an international tie breaker so long as both teams agree and as long as Rule No. 6 above does not apply.  Tie games that are suspended due to time limits can be agreed to remain a tie or can be decided from point of suspension in the next meeting of the two teams. If game is played on a weeknight, then completion of the suspended game should be at 5:30 p.m. If tied game is the last scheduled meeting of two teams, then it should be played at a mutually agreed upon time if it affects the final standings.


8. All teams should have their players report to the field no later than 20 minutes before the beginning of their game. If the prior game delays the start of ensuing game, then no infield practice should be allowed. Warm-ups should be done in a safe, flat area away from the game, and spectators.


9. One representative from each Oxford team is responsible for preparing the field for their own game. This includes home and visitors.


10.  All players shall remain in the dugouts unless playing defense, batting, on base, or on deck. When in the dugouts all players must remain behind the fence. Pee-Wee and Instructional coaches are encouraged to be on the field to assist players. All 10u, Junior, and Senior Division coaches shall remain in the dugouts with the following exceptions. Head coaches may be in front of the dugout while on offence or defense and base coaches may be in the first and third base coaches box while on offence.


11. Proposed All STARS: All Star teams will have 1 manager, 2 assistant coaches, and 1 scorekeeper.  All All-Star player nominees must have played in at least 60% of their Oxford Lassie League team’s games. Players are eligible to play on the All Star Team, as long as they are age appropriate. For example

            - Players who are ASA 16U, are eligible to play on the 16U All Star Team

            - Players who are ASA 14U, are eligible to play on the 14U All Star Team

            - Players who are ASA 12U, are eligible to play on the 12U All Star Team

            - Players who are ASA 10U, are eligible to play on the 10U All Star Team

For players who are playing in a higher division may be considered for the All Star in a lower division where they are age eligible.


12. Sliding is encouraged in the 10U, Junior and Senior Divisions. All runners are encouraged to slide at home plate if a play is being attempted or be called out. This will be at the discretion of the umpire.


13. Batters must make an attempt to avoid being hit by a pitch otherwise the batter will not be awarded first base unless it is ball 4.


14. Helmets with face guards and chin straps are required for all batters, base runners, and on deck batters.


15. Shoes shall be either canvas or leather uppers or similar materials. Soles may be smooth or have soft or hard rubber cleats. NO metal cleats are allowed.


16 .All pants/shorts may be long, short, or mixed in style as long as they are of the same color. Shorts may be worn as long as approved sliding gear is worn. EXCEPTION- Last game of the year pants/shorts do not need to adhere to the dress code for they are to be returned to the coaches. Any pants not returned are subject to a $7.00 fee.


17. Baseball caps, visors, or headbands must be worn by all Headgear must be of the same color and worn properly but can be mixed. Senior Division only headgear is optional.


18. No jewelry of any type is allowed to be worn.


19. Pitchers are prohibited from warming up on the pitcher’s mound prior to their team taking the field at the start of the game.


20. Concessions will be located by field 2. Stand setup will be performed by league officials and take down performed by the Home team coaches. Home teams Managers are responsible to ensure there is two parents or representatives from their team running the concession stand during their games. This responsibility can be delegated to a team leader. At least one (1) ADULT must be in the stand at all times. Concession stand operators are required to work the stand 15 minutes before game start until game conclusion.


21. Cancellations - Games may be cancelled only for reasons of school, school activities or due to inclement weather. The Game Coordinator is responsible for game cancellations prior to a game. However, if a game has not been called off (usually due to weather) and the teams have reported to the field, the managers are responsible to make the call on cancellations up until game time, if the umpire hasn’t yet arrived. If the managers can’t agree and an umpire is not present at the field, then an Executive Board member NOT INVOLVED IN THE GAME must be contacted to make the decision (in the following order………) 1. League Game Coordinator 2. League President 3. League Vice President.

22.  Extra players may be brought in from the same division or the next division down in order to make a 9 player roster in the Senior Division and a 10 player roster in the Junior and 10U Division. Players must be active players in the Oxford Lassie League and approved by the opposing coach before the game start.

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