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Pee-Wee Division Rules

Oxford Lassie League

Pee-Wee Division Rules (2016)

Ages 4, 5, & 6

The focus of the T-Ball Division is to introduce the game of softball as well

as teach the skills needed to play. The girls will be taught the value of team

play as well as the importance of good sportsmanship. The girls will also

have an opportunity to develop new friendships while having fun playing

and learning the game of softball.



Game Rules


 An 11 safety ball will be used.

 Coaches are allowed and should be on the field for instruction.

 Coaches in the field will umpire the game.

 The base paths will be 45 feet.

 Coaches will pitch to the players.

 All players will be included in a continuous batting order.

 There will be three (3) outs per half-inning or teams should bat their line-ups.

 Batters are not allowed to bunt.

 There will be a 5 foot arc in front of home plate to determine a live versus a dead

ball. The ball must cross the line of the 5 foot arc to be considered live.

 The base runners need to stay on the base until the ball is hit. There will be no

leading or stealing.

 Players may advance a maximum of one base on all hits.

 No advancing on overthrows.

 If a player is determined to be out during a play, she must go to the bench.

 Only one (1) player shall be placed in each infield position with one player

stationed on the pitching rubber. All other players will be positioned evenly in

the outfield.

 Players will be rotated each inning to play other positions.

 Games must start on time. No game will start a new inning 1 hour 30 minutes after the start of the game.

 The score will not be kept.

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