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Feb 25,2017

Registration Dates!!!!  Come out and register next Saturday!! Pre-register online. #GoFalcons Don't forget to bring 2 of the same wallet size pictures of your child!!   [+]

Jan 14,2017

First Registration Day for 2017 Season!  Jan. 14th 2017 is the first day of registration from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. **RETURN PLAYERS if you register this day YOU will receive a $100.00 discount for tackle and $50.00 for flag! ** YOU MUST PAY IN FULL AT TIME OF REGI...  [+]

Oct 08,2016

HOMECOMING!!!  AZALEA ¬†@ ¬†DUNEDIN Falcon Homecoming!!¬†  [+]

Sep 11,2016

Picture Day!!  Picture Day is this Sunday 9/11. All Team Pictures will be taken as well as individuals. You will be receiving 1 single photo, 1 Team Photo and 1 button. You will be able to order extras on Sunday. DO NOT BE LATE!   [+]

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Sportsmanship is having pride in your organization, the Dunedin Junior Falcons (DJF), as well as the Suncoast Youth Football Conference (SYFC). That also means having pride and respect for your team, coach, teammates, cheerleaders, and yourself. Sportsmanship is also having respect for the game referees and for all tho...