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Welcome to the Dacula Athletic Association's Football Program! Dacula Football is a voting member of the Gwinnett Football League (GFL). The Dacula Football Board supports and actively participates in the GFL and adheres to all rules set forth by this governing body. All dates and schedules are established by the GFL. Although every effort is made, schedules are usually not complete until Jamboree week.

2016 Football Board


Member Name Board Position Phone Term
Donovan Quary Director 770-560-5750 10/2016
Orenthea Peavy Assistant Director
Concessions Manager
678-522-3338 10/2016
Kat Robertson
Communications Director
404-805-1878 10/2017
Kelli Royals
Assistant Treasurer
Team Mom Coordinator (6U-9U)
Tasha Allen
Team Mom Coordinator (10U-8th Grade)
770-342-9253 10/2017
Nicholas Crabb
Fundraising Coordinator
Team Liaison (Age TBD by splits)
Greg Cox
Team Liaison (Age TBD by splits) 770-597-7946 10/2017
Ernest Jackson
Team Liaison (6U) 678-887-8393 Appointed
Will Williams
Team Liaison (7U)
770-601-3603 10/2017
Ryan Daye
Team Liaison (8U) 678-900-8174 10/2016
Eric Reese
Team Liaison (9U) 404-285-2562 10/2017
Terrence Morse
Team Liaison (10U) 678-458-1704 10/2016
Tauheed Ferguson
Team Liaison (11U) 678-471-7064 10/2016
Bowdie Jenkins
Team Liaison (12U)
Concessions Coordinator

773-213-9349 10/2017
James Crofutt
Team Liaison (8th Grade)
Equipment Coordinator

404-723-5690 Appointed
Tim Irons
Team Liaison (8th Grade)
Uniforms Coordinator (10U - 8th Grade)

678-900-3875 Appointed
Tony Pichetto
Uniforms Coordinator (6U-9U)
770-842-3815 10/2017



2016 Football Information


Raffle Fundraiser
Each year we have questions regarding why our parents are required to pay a mandatory raffle fundraiser fee. Our raffle fundraiser is actually our way of helping parents recoup some of the investment of registration. Since our program requires that we collect $285 per player in order to cover all costs for our season, instead of charging parents a flat $285 registration fee we opt to provide a means for parents to get back a portion of their dues. Every player is required to pay $60 in addition to the $225 registration to cover the fundraiser tickets, which you may pick up at any of the THREE scheduled walk-up registrations when you bring your player to be fitted for uniforms. When you sell 30 raffle tickets for $2 each, that money is YOUR reimbursement for the payment you made during registration. Alternatively, you may choose to keep some or even all of them for yourself and write your name on them so that you have multiple entries to put into the drawing. The raffle will take place during Week 1 of the regular season. We will draw 20 names for the $50 gas card prize. One Grand Prize winner will win a video game system - their choice of an Xbox One or a Playstation 4. The drawing will be done mid-field during halftime of the last game hosted at Dacula Park and will be pulled by a randomly-selected spectator.


Team Volunteers Every weekend that your team plays at home, your team mom will be required to schedule parent volunteers to cover the following areas:


  • THREE volunteers to work in the concession stand for the 90 minutes PRIOR to all home games. Your team's shift will begin an hour and 45 minutes prior to your game's start time and end 15 minutes prior to the start of your game.
  • THREE volunteers for chain gang DURING your game.
  • ONE volunteer to announce your game

Please be prepared to volunteer for your team at least once during the season.

Birth Certificates
If you have not submitted an original birth certificate that has been certified by DAA then you will need to bring an original, raised seal birth certificate and a copy of that birth certificate to walk up registration or the first day of evaluations. This is for players that are NEW to Dacula Football and for any returning player who did NOT play the previous season. Returning players from the 2015 season should already be on file - please check with your team mom from last season to ensure that she still possesses your child's certified copy of the birth certificate or you will need to resubmit that. We will review your original, stamp the copy to verify that we have seen the original and return your original birth certificate back to you immediately. We will keep the new, stamped copy on file as long as you play each consecutive season in Dacula. If you do not play one season, your files are shredded and you will need to resubmit your player's birth certificate for certification when he returns to our park to play. WE ONLY KEEP CERTIFICATION RECORDS FROM THE PREVIOUS SEASON!

You MUST bring a completed physical signed by an MD, DO, NP or PA to evaluations. If your age group is not having evaluations you will need to bring it on the first day of practice. We will typically have a "Dacula Physical Day" during the summer after the last walk-up registration. If you attend this event at Dr. Buchanan’s office then your physical is already on file with DAA. The physical MUST be an original with an inked signature - no copies are accepted and no stamped signatures are accepted.

The physical MUST be completed on the 2016 physical form. When that form is released by GFL, it will be linked here for you to download and print. If your physical is completed by your doctor on another form it must specifically say “cleared for football” and you will need to attach the GFL physical to the front of it and fill out the parent section. This is the parent’s responsibility to take care of. Your child WILL NOT be allowed on the field for practice or games without their physical form on file. NO EXCEPTIONS. If your child's physical is not turned in prior to the last certification date, your child will not be able to participate in Dacula football for the 2016 season. Keep in mind DAA has a strict NO REFUND policy.

Equipment Needed
DAA will provide a game jersey as well as an alternate/practice jersey for your player to keep. We also provide for the use of game pants which must be turned back in at the end of the season. Game pants ARE NOT to be worn for anything but games. If a player is found to be practicing in game pants, the team will be fined $50. Each family must provide their own player's helmet (Vegas Gold), shoulder pads, pants pads, practice pants/jersey, cleats and a mouth piece. You may also need to provide a girdle depending on the style of the pants from season to season.


Mass email and your team mom are the main source of communication we will be using to get information out to the parents. You can also check our football program's Facebook page for updates.


Registration, Raffle, & Spirit Fee


Each player will be required to pay $225 for registration, $60 for the raffle fundraiser, and a mandatory $70 spirit fee! More information about the Raffle Fundraiser is located in the body of this page. 100% of the Spirit Fee is allocated to your child’s team budget and covers items such as trophies, jersey lettering, socks, roster shirts, banquet, pep rallies, etc. All fees MUST be paid during registration or set up in an auto-draft installment plan. All installments must be paid in full by June 4, 2016. NO PLAYER WILL BE ISSUED A UNIFORM UNTIL ALL FEES ARE PAID IN FULL. Uniforms will be issued during Evaluation Days (July 20-21).

GFL Age Chart


For the 2016 season, please find your player's birthday in the table below to determine his age division.


  • 6 Year Old Division: 9/2/09 to 9/1/10
  • 7 Year Old Division: 9/2/08 to 9/1/09
  • 8 Year Old Division: 9/2/07 to 9/1/08
  • 9 Year Old Division: 9/2/06 to 9/1/07
  • 10 Year Old Division: 9/2/05 to 9/1/06
  • 11 Year Old Division: 9/2/04 to 9/1/05
  • 12 Year Old Division: 9/2/03 to 9/1/04
  • 8th Grade Division: 1/1/01 to 9/1/03


8th Grade Football players can be 13 years old as of and including September 1st through age 15 as of and including December 31st of the current year. You can only play 8th Grade a maximum of two years.


We are always looking for volunteers to help with our program's operations. Please contact Kat Robertson at kat@daculafootball.com if you're interested in volunteering on a support committee for our Board of Directors or working as a GFL rep this season (which will allow you free entry into all GFL games at any association).


Dates and events listed on this page are subject to change. The best way to ensure you keep up to date on all of the latest information throughout the season is to like the football program's Facebook page and enable notifications.

 Event Name
Description & Details
Tentative Date
Early bird discounts will apply ONLY on March 19. Registration will close on June 4. Saturday, March 19
Summer Football Camp
Hosted by the high school, this 4-day camp is included in your player's registration fee. Monday, July 11
Evaluations & Uniform Distribution
Evaluations are held ONLY for age divisions which have enough players for a "team split" and are for the purpose of preparing coaches for selecting players on the basis of talent during the draft. However, ALL teams MUST attend Evaluations in order to receive uniforms.
Wednesday, July 20 & Thursday, July 21
GFL Draft Day
All Head Coaches will attend the GFL Draft where they will determine their teams. You should expect a call from your coach no later than Sunday evening (July 24). Due to GFL Draft Guidelines, you may not request a specific coach, nor may you "block" a coach. Saturday, July 23
1st Day of Practice
Players will need to wear shorts, shirt, cleats, helmet and mouth piece. NO PADS. The GFL mandates that all players must have 3 days of conditioning before they go to full pads. Your head coach will let you know your practice time and field location.

The first two weeks of practice will be Monday - Friday for 2 full hours (6-8pm for 6U-10U and 8-10pm for 11u-8th Grade). Beginning August 8, practices will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of each week for 1.5 hours (except 8th grade which will remain at 2 full hours). Practice times will be 6-7:30pm for 6U-10U, 7:30-9pm for 11U & 12U, and 7:30-9:30pm for 8th grade.

Monday, July 25
Full Pads
Players will need shoulder pads and 7 piece pants pads. If a player has missed ANY of the first 3 days of a practice, he MUST have 3 days of conditioning before going full pads with the rest of the team!!! Thursday, July 28
Team Mom Meeting
All Team Moms will need to attend this meeting!!! New Head Coaches are also encouraged to come. Meeting time and location to be announced at a later date. Sunday, July 31
Organized Scrimmages & 1st Player Certification Date
Details for team scrimmages will be communicated out by your team mom. Player certification is very important. In order for your player to be certified by the GFL to play you must have turned into your team mom the following three forms: Birth Certificate, Physical, and GFL Code of Conduct. Saturday, August 6
Picture Day
Picture times and locations will be communicated to each team by the team mom. We generally host picture day at the Dacula High School stadium. A schedule of times is released once we receive those from the photographer. Sunday, August 7
Jamboree, like the regular season, is scheduled by GFL and is released toward the beginning of August. Details regarding Jamboree will be communicated to each team by the team mom. You can click here to view last season's information if you'd like to get an idea of how Jamboree typically is.  Saturday, August 13
Raffle Tickets
Parents will turn in ONLY the STUB portion of each raffle ticket to their team mom during practice the week PRIOR to Week 1 of the regular season. Turn-In stubs no later than Tuesday, August 16
Week 1 Games & Raffle Drawing
The schedules are put together by the GFL Executive Board. Due to the complexity of the organization schedules are done by hand and are not usually available until the week before the season starts. Dacula has no control over the scheduling. The raffle drawing will take place during halftime of the last game played at Dacula. August 20
Playoffs Playoff games span three weeks and include two preliminary rounds as well as one semifinal round. The winners of these rounds determine which two associations will play in the championship game for each age group. October 22
Championship Games
The championship game involves the best two teams in the league for each age group. November 12

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