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Jan, 2020

Registrations go live with the New Year!

Online registrations will go live at midnight January 1st, however….


A couple of things to be aware of before you go and try to sign up online.

Firstly, we are changing providers.  There are many reasons for this, the biggest reason, is that, we can now handle family discounts online.   You no longer need to come to the ball park to register your family.  We of course, will still be at the ball park on the 18th of January, and the first two Saturdays in February, so at this point, it’s a matter of preference.

Since we are changing providers, you will need to create a new account, (sorry about that).

Second, please be VERY mindful of how you register your child(ren).  We have 3 registration options.

Option 1:  2020 Baseball/Softball
Choose this option if you are registering at least one child into baseball (or male child into T-Ball)   ::BAM BAM will register under Option 3.

Option 2: 2020 Softball ONLY
Select this option if you are registering ONLY softball players.  If you have ANY baseball players, please select Option 1.  ::BAM BAM will register under Option 3.

Option 3: Bam Bam
You will register only your Bam Bam players under this option, REGARDLESS of rather or not you’re registering any children for baseball or softball.

If you choose the wrong option(s) you WILL be billed incorrectly.  And due to the sheer volume of registrations we will receive, and the few people handling the registrations, refunds will not be available.

If, you have any questions, or concerns, please call me at 515-822-5614, I will be more than happy to assist with whatever you need.

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