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Welcome to the Union Endicott Little League All-Star Information Page 

In this section you will learn more about the Union Endicott Little League All-Star process, as well as useful information players, parents, managers, coaches, and league officials should know about the All-Star experience in the Union Endicott Little League.

Union Endicott Little League provides the opportunity for participation in both Little League sanctioned All-Star Tournaments and local tournaments following the end of the regular Union Endicott season.    The tournaments, which Union Endicott participates in, are all highly competitive and provide an extraordinary learning experience for each of its participants.  


What Every Parent and Player Should Know About All-Stars 

It is an honor to be selected for an All-Star team.  Many players compete for a position on the team – not all players make the team.  To be considered as a qualified nominee, players must: (1) be available during the summer months to fully participate in all practices and games, (2) have exemplary skill levels, (3) have good attitudes, (4) be committed to winning and the team, and (5) be recognized by managers and coaches for their playing ability during the regular season: 


·       Skill Level – Each nominee must possess baseball skills in the top percentile of players within their age group, as determined by the regular season manger, All-Star manager and League Agent.

·       Attitude – The player must demonstrate respect for other players, coaches, umpires and league officials.

·       Commitment – Each player must be willing to commit him/herself completely to the All Star team and the schedule as set forth by the manager and tournament officials.  The player is required to attend EVERY practice and game and will not be excused without a valid reason.  Unexcused absences, as determined by the manager, may be penalized up to and including removal from the All-Star team. 

·       Regular Season Performance and Playing Ability – High levels of regular season performance and playing ability will be recognized by managers, and coaches via manager nominations and manager/coach voting on said nominees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

When do practices and games begin?  Coaches and players selected to an All-Star/Tournament team are committing to a 4 to 5 week (possibly longer) intensive baseball schedule.  The estimated timeframe is from June 13th through the end of July for the district teams.  Local tournaments vary but normally run from mid June to late July.  Coaches and players selected can expect to practice several times a week and to play multiple baseball games.  Coaches and players unable to meet this type of schedule should not choose to coach or play in All-Stars. 

What documentation is required?  Original birth certificates and proof of residency are required no later than the 18th of June for the District All Star teams only. These documents will be returned after verification by District 1 by the end of June. 

What are the fees for participation?   $90.00 to be paid only if your child is accepted to play on an All Star team.  An additional $40.00 will be required to be paid by the “A-Williamsport” players.

Are there any other additional volunteer requirements?  The team parents will be asked to do field prep before games during the Union Endicott and Williamsport tournaments. 

What about uniforms?   All uniforms will be standard among all Union Endicott LL All-Star teams.   Styles/colors to be determined by the ASC.  No alterations to the uniforms will be allowed. 

Which tournaments do we participate in?   Placement in tournaments (both district and local) will be evaluated on a year by year basis by the ASC. 

All-Star Team, Manager and Coach Selection Process 

The Union Endicott Little League All-Star team selection process is multifaceted and is designed to be as objective and fair as possible to all players who are eligible to be evaluated for an All-Star team. 

Player Eligibility and Selection Process: 

·       Player Eligibility Criteria:

o   All players interested in being evaluated for an All-Star/Tournament team will be required to pre-register in order to be considered.

o   For the “A-Williamsport” teams, Candidates must live within the boundaries of Union Endicott LL and need to be on a regular season Union Endicott roster (Majors or Minors).

o   Candidates must meet the LL age requirements and must possess all LL required age & residency documentation, including an original birth certificate.

·       Selection Process:

o   All-Star Managers are expected to attend regular season games to evaluate potential candidates and vote accordingly.

o   Players will be voted on by their piers for placement as well.

o   Sportsmanship plays a major role in being on a Union Endicott All-Star team.  Poor attitude and behavior will not be tolerated and is reason to reject a candidate’s nomination.

o   Final rosters need to be approved by the ASC.   In the event there is not a consensus, the Board of Directors will assume the role of arbitrator so that rosters can be finalized on time.

Final rosters will be sent out on June 1st in accordance with LL regulations. Note: some tournament teams need their rosters finalized before this time.



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