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League Rules

BMYBL Rules for All Divisions (Except Divisions 4 & 5) RULES OF PLAY

  • All normal basketball rules pertain. The game will consist of two 20 minute halves. The last minute of the first half and the last 2 minutes of the second half will be stop time. Clock will continue to run at all other times (including foul shots and player substitutions) except for time outs and injury or so directed by the Division Director. Each game will end on the hour – no matter what. If game is tied then game ends in a tie. Very important to get games started on time! Every four minutes (16:00, 12:00, 8:00 and 4:00) or as close to those times as game play allows, every player on the bench (who has not fouled nor is injured) must enter the game. Every player on a team must sit out a minimum of one full 4 minute session per game. If at the 4:00 minute mark of the 2nd half, a player has not sat out, he/she must sit out for the balance of the game – regulation time. There will no open substitutions in the last 4 minutes of a game.
  • Technical Fouls:
    • 1st technical a player gets, the player must sit out the balance of the current 4 minute session plus the next 4 minute session.
    • 2nd technical foul during a game by one player that player is ejected for the remainder of that game and the next full game. Player must be on the bench for the next game to constitute a game sat.
  • Coaches (Team Captains for Div One) are responsible that all players arrive at the gym on time to start a game. A team can play with only 4 players. Coach/Captain of the other team may elect to also play with four but does not have to. A team that can not field a full team (4 or 5 players) must forfeit the game, even if game has already started. As a note, games will start at 5 past the hour at the latest. A 5 minute grace period to 10 past the hour will be given if one team has 3 or less players and are waiting on the 4th player to show up. Since all teams make the play-offs our regular season games are not as important as a play-off game. If a team has 4 or 5 players, a player of appropriate age in the stands, who is a BMYBL member, may fill in for the short handed team. Half time will be 2 minutes.
  • Full Court Press: A division director has the option of not allowing a full court press or to allow a full court press. To keep things simple for the referees any Division that allows a full court press will abide by these rules.
    • Press can be at any time during a game but can only be done when the score is tied or by the team that is behind. Under no circumstances will a team that has the lead be allowed to press. If a team who has a lead presses, the first infraction will be a verbal warning, any subsequent transgression during that game will be a team technical. Team that is behind gets 2 foul shots and the ball. Since it is difficult for the referees to determine when a game is tied or who has the lead (since they are watching the game and not the scoreboard) the division director at the scorer’s table will call most of these infractions – do not leave it up to the refs on the court to make this call each and every time. Division Directors should be wearing a whistle to all games as they are the 3rd official referee.).
  • Time Outs: Each team gets 2 time outs per game to be used in any manner. A coach may use up one time out in each half or they can take both time outs in either half, or they may elect not to use any of their allotted time outs.
  • Maximum player points. This is up to the Division Directors since each division has a different skill level. The purpose of this rule is to keep one person from taking most of the shots for a team. It allows other players to be part of a team’s offense.
  • OVERTIME RULES: If a game ends in a tie there will be an overtime session. Overtime will always be sudden death. A jump ball will start the overtime session. The first basket wins. The clock will be set at 4:00. The first two minutes will be run time the last 2 minutes will be stop time. If no one scores after the 4 minutes, the game officially ends in a tie (Unless it is a play-off game – then a second 4:00 will be put on the clock and first basket wins). Individual player points (for max point rule) will be carried over to the OT session. Both player and team fouls will be carried over as well. Example. If a team has 6 team fouls at end of regulation, if they commit a foul in OT that would be their 7th team foul. Ditto for a player. Neither team will have a time out during the OT session no matter how many time outs they used/did not use during the regulation game.
  • FOULS: In each division 5 individual fouls = a player fouls out. 7 team fouls in a half = other team goes to foul line for one and one. 10 team fouls in a half = other team gets 2 foul shots.
  • ETHICS: All players, coaches, parents and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Referees and Division Directors will not tolerate any unruliness. Any person behaving in an unacceptable way will be asked to leave the gym. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the game to that associated team.
  • SPORTSMANSHIP: This league is for ALL the kids. All players should get an equal amount of playing time and be treated with respect. The goal of every coach should be to ensure all children that participate will be glad that they did and that they are looking forward to playing in the BMYBL next season.
  • INSURANCE LIABILITY: All family, friends and guest are welcome as spectators to the games provided they follow the rules listed on this paper. No one is allowed on the court or to handle the basketballs who is not signed up as a player with our league and is on a current roster in good standing. All and any injuries must be reported to the Division Director on duty immediately.
    • When entering or exiting the gym, use the main entrance only. All other doors are emergency exits only.
    • Only water is allowed into the gym. No flavored drinks or food is allowed. Not following this rule may lead to our rental agreement being voided. BMYBL will have water bottles on the premises for anyone that needs one. A donation of $1 per bottle will be appreciated.
    • Do not bring in balls from home. Only BMYBL balls are allowed in the gyms.
    • No walking around the school premises. Our rental agreement allows us to go from the main entrance to the gymnasium and the restroom facilities closest to the gym.
    • In an attempt to save the gym floor players are expected to carry their “game” sneakers into the gym. Division Directors will incorporate these rules into their rule book and ensure that each coach reads and signs the rule books. Keep those signed rule books with you at every game.
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