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6u - 6u D2 Divisions

                                                                                                   TNYFL Championship Seeding Rules

7.02.A  Division standings are used to determine playoff seeding. All games played between TNYFL opponents will count towards the seeding, which will be determined by RPI.
RPI uses the following variables: (teams win percentage x .40) + (Opponents win percentage x .40) + (Opponents, opponents win percentage x .20)

                                                                                                              TNYFL Tie Breaker Rules

7.02.B  In the case of a tie in Division standings, use the following, in order, to break each tie:

7.02.B.1  Any team that has forfeited a regular season game will automatically drop to the end of any tie breaking determination.

7.02.B.2  Head-to-head regular season results. If teams have played more than once, all games are taken into account. All teams involved in a multi-team tiebreaker must have played each other the same number of times.

7.02.B.3  Tie Breaker points – Tie Breaker points are awarded as follow: If you win by 8 or less points, the winning team is awarded 10 points. If you win by more than 8 but less than 22 points, the winning team is awarded 7 points. If you win by 22 but less than 33 the winning team is awarded 3 points. If you win by 33 or more then the winning team is awarded -5 points.

7.02.B.4  Coin flip. With three or more teams that are tied, odd man is winner.

COMMENT: In the case of a multiple-team tie, the tie-breakers will be applied in order until one (1) team is determined to prevail. At that time, the remaining teams will revert to top of the tie breaker order until the remaining seeding is determined. That process will continue until all teams are seeded accordingly.

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