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Aug, 2021

Fremont Rush & Rush Core Values

Article By: Niamh Lambert Fremont Rush Topics Editor

Last week Fremont Rush's female players welcomed Officer Cardona and Captain Bobbitt to the pitch. The two members of Fremont PD presented to the players about what it means to be a good citizen, using our eleven Rush Core Values. 

The event started off with an introduction from Captain Bobbitt. He told the girls simple ways that they can help out in the community, such as doing homework or helping parents around the house. By doing this our players are enforcing self discipline, bettering themselves to their highest potential. 


The mic was then passed to Officer Cardona. She opened with her explanation of why she became an officer. 

“When I was young I had a lot of family in law enforcement so it was always interesting to me. Then when I reached high school, one of my friends was abducted and I saw how the police brought some type of comfort to her parents, and seeing that made me realize I wanted to be that for someone else’s family.”

She started her career early on at the age of five, playing for the city of Fremont. After getting her basics down, Officer Cardona moved up to the competitive level by age eight. From there on she moved through the ranks eventually making it to a D1 level by the age of 18. 


After learning about her soccer history, Cardona asked the players about Rush's Eleven Core Values. Hands shot in the air as players enthusiastically waited to be called on so they could give out one of our values. Once a value was given, Officer Cardona would explain to the girls why it was important to show that core value off the field as well as on. And while all of our core values are important to show, there were two that stuck out to Officer Cardona the most. 

“I think for me the two most important values are leadership and respect. You can be a leader, but the thing is you aren’t really a good leader unless you’re respected. So being kind or friendly, just someone approachable, are all good characteristics of a leader that will gain you the respect of those around you.”


After Officer Cardona and Captain Bobbitt finished presenting, the players were split into groups and had the opportunity to see a police car up close and learn about all the things inside of it. They learned about the radio, computer, and the names for the different parts of the car. Officer Cardona even turned on the lights and sounded the sirens. Every group got the opportunity to get a picture in front of the squad car.


Captain Bobbitt & Officer Cardona with some of the competitive Fremont Rush Players!


The 2011 girls team took it one step farther and all got the autographs of Officer Cardona. Lined up, they waited for their turn to give their little slip of yellow paper to the officer and ran over to their parents, face lit up with joy, to show off their new keepsake once they had their turn. 


As everyone was leaving, we had the chance to speak with Officer Cardona, asking her what the players at Rush can do to make Fremont a better community. 

“To make Fremont a better community I think goes hand and hand with your Rush core values. Showing people respect, showing people empathy, making sure that you are a person that people want to look up to are all ways that you get everyone around you to be a vital part of the community.”

Fremont Rush gives a big thank you to the Fremont PD for taking the time to come out and talk to our female players about what it means to be a positive member of the community! 


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