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National Technical Directors (NTD's)

In order to support all of our clubs domestically, Rush Soccer has dedicated National Technical Directors (NTDs) assigned to clubs to act as their respective point of contacts for communication, advice and general support. They are advocates to help your Rush Club grow.

Domestically Rush Soccer has four NTDs that oversee approximately ten clubs each illustrated in the table below. The groups are somewhat based on geography allowing the NTD to work with clubs in regional programs and combinations of efforts. Ideally, these NTD’s are selected based on their experience within Rush and club development in general and their knowledge of the Rush Way. This knowledge and experience allows them to advise and give support on club development through both the Rush Club Levels program and individual communication. It is the responsibility of both the NTD and local clubs to insure that there are two way lines of communication. In addition, on a monthly basis, the NTDs will hold a conference call where each club must have a representative present.

Please click on the linked names below to see the four NTD’s and their backgrounds. Also, in the table below you will find the clubs that each NTD oversees.

RD7 Clubs - Arian Hoxha
West Clubs - Justin Sells
Midwest Clubs - Mark Zathey
North East Clubs - Matt Mittelstaedt
South East Clubs - Michael Ritch

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