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Reschedule & Cancellation Policy

Effective Fall 2017

Keep in mind that rescheduling involves finding dates, times, referees, and fields in order to make the game possible. Weather related cancellations and/or delays will be relayed to the coaches on game day, after an inspection of the fields. We are a soccer club. As such, our goal is to accommodate our soccer players. We cannot accommodate schedules for football, baseball, or other sports & activities. Please do not ask us to do so, as rescheduling is a process that should be used only as an absolute LAST RESORT in order to complete a team's schedule.

SCSC Home games:

  • The team requesting the reschedule MUST follow the reschedule policy of the HOME team


  • The HOME team must contact the opposing coach about rescheduling to agree on possible make-up date(s) and time(s
  • Then Home coach must email [email protected] by the Wednesday prior to originally scheduled game to request the reschedule and find out if the game can be rescheduled date agreed.


  • The email include representatives of both teams acknowledging the agreement of reschedule or cancellation as well as the game date, game time, and game number of the original scheduled game


  • Games should be rescheduled within 7 days of initial cancellation
  •  Please note that not all game requests can be accommodated due to various factors, such as referee and field availability. Understand that accommodations are NOT guaranteed until the team representatives have received confirmation via email correspondence from SCSC club. If the SCSC deadline is missed, the cancelling team will be responsible for paying the SCSC referees at the rescheduled game BEFORE the game can begin.


SCSC Away games:

Contact opposing coach about rescheduling to agree on new date/time. Then, the Home club's coach must contact their club's Referee Assignor by their club's deadline to request the reschedule.