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2018-2019 GYO Playground Project

We here at GYO are pleased to announce our newest endeavor: to build a playground at GYO Park! After the tremendous success we had with building and equipping the new batting cage, we realized that as a community, if we work together we can accomplish anything. So, when the Board started thinking about what else we could do to improve the facilities at GYO Park, the overwhelming response was "WE NEED A PLAYGROUND!" 

We haven't settled on a final design as of yet, but we are shooting for something similar to the picture above. We want it to be safe, clean, and robust enough to last a good long time. In other words, when it comes to projects like this, our motto is "go big or go home!"

Fundraising efforts are underway. The Winter Warm-up Dinner, 4th of July Fireworks and Parade, and more recently, the GYO Golf Tournament, have given us a tremendous boost toward achieving our goal. A couple of folks have stepped up and are helping us write some grants, so hopefully some of those will come through for us.

Equipment and installation cost (not including site work): Approximately $35,000
Funds raised as of September 15, 2018: $30,000
Timeline: Installation will be early Spring of 2019.

We've got the site for the playground all mapped out, and we can begin site work immediately. We are looking for in-kind donations of heavy equipment and aggregate fill material to level two sites on the hill next to the snack shack. There's a lot of ledge up there, so we need to build an 18" level base for the play structure and the swings to be installed properly. If you know of any resources that could help us get this done, please contact GYO President Bob McKenna or GYO VP Jay Reed.

Once we have the site work completed, the playground folks will deliver all the equipment and install it. They say it only takes a few days for installation. All play areas will be protected with 12 inches of woodchips, with a pressure treated timber border wall to hold everything in and prevent erosion and wood chip migration.

Walkways, steps, shrubs, trees, etc - Again, we are looking for local companies who may want to contribute in-kind donations of materials and labor for this final phase of the project.

If you would like to contribute, please send checks to:
PO Box 234
Gilmanton, NH 03237

Or, you can contribute via credit card:

Companies who donate $250 or more are eligible to participate in the GYO Banner Sponsor Program - contact Jay Reed for more details, or check out the Banner Sponsor page here online.

All cash or in-kind donations are fully tax deductible, as GYO is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.