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Palmer Divide Soccer Club (PDSC) understands each player possesses unique attributes and abilities. The goal of the PDSC coaches is to evaluate each individual player with an objective and open mind. Each tryout session consists of a technical warm up followed by small and large sided games. This approach allows coaches to truly understand a players strengths and weaknesses, allowing the coach to make an honest evaluation. 

Refer to the list below to attend tryouts and be evaluated for team placement on a PDSC competitive team. Missed tryouts? Email [email protected] for available spots and request an evaluation.

Boys Tryouts

Birth Year                Date                     Time                               Location  

June 2 & 46pm - 7:30pmBear Creek ES 

June 1 & 34:30pm - 6pmBear Creek ES 

June 2 & 46pm - 7:30pmLewis Palmer  ES   
2010June 2 & 44:30pm - 6pmLewis Palmer  ES 

June 2 & 4
4:30pm - 6pm
Bear Creek ES

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Girls Tryouts

Birth Year                Date                     Time                                Location  

June 3 & 46pm - 7:30pmBear Creek ES 

June 3 & 46pm - 7:30pmBear Creek ES   

June 1 & 21st  - 4:30pm-6pm
2nd - 6pm - 7:30pm
Lewis Palmer ES

2011June 2 & 44:30pm - 6pmBear Creek ES 

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