❓FAQ 1 - What equipment does my child need?

Many families have asked us about what equipment their little leaguer needs to be ready to play this season. The league provides every player with a uniform shirt and hat/visor. Parents are responsible for providing a glove, pants, belts, socks, and shoes/cleats. Parents may choose to get their child a helmet and bat of their own, but your child’s coach will also have team helmets and bats. Same goes for catcher’s gear.

Our tee ballers can choose to wear sneakers and sweats/shorts in lieu of cleats and pants if they like.

In addition to the big box sporting good stores, we recommend Back In The Game Sports Consignment on Main Street in Florida, NY. Their website is www.backinthegamesports.com.

❓FAQ 2 - Does my little leaguer need to attend evaluations?

If your child is registered in Majors or Minors player pitch divisions AND they didn’t play in that division last spring, then YES, they need to come to evaluations. Those kids who fall into that category will be scheduled for evaluations.

Kids who are playing the same player pitch division they played in last spring do not need to come to evaluations.

Additionally, little leaguers registered in tee ball, coach pitch, 50/70, or senior divisions do NOT need to come to evaluations.

Traditionally, we have not held evaluations for the fall season.  The fall season is designed to be focused more on instruction.

❓FAQ 3 - When are practices and games?

Practice schedules are created by our coaches. In most situations, when your child’s coach reaches out to you for the first time, they will tell you where and when practices will be.

Practices are typically scheduled multiple days per week, Monday-Saturday. Every coach approaches practice differently, and once games begin, practice schedules can change.

In the spring season, games are also typically scheduled Monday - Saturday.  Sunday games are possible, too, especially to make up for rain outs. Games played at Port Jervis fields typically start at 5:30pm on weeknights, and between 10am and 5:30pm on Saturdays.

Opening Day for the Port Jervis Little League is split into two days as follows, with our kids pitch minors and majors baseball and softball and 50/70 baseball on a Saturday and then tee ball, coach pitch, and junior/senior baseball and softball on that Sunday.  :

Most of our divisions are playing against teams from outside of the Port Jervis Little League during the regular season. Your coach will give you an idea of what different towns the team will have to travel to this spring. Tee Ball does not travel this year.

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