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Jul, 2023

Soccer Equipment

A basic understanding of soccer equipment and their uses makes the shopping trip a little easier. At the youth soccer level, the equipment is relatively straightforward and easy to find. Here are the things your child needs to play the sport:

  • Uniform: CYASC requires a standard uniform for all players. All uniforms are matching a jersey, shorts and socks.
  • Practice clothes: Uniforms are typically reserved for wear in games only, so your little kicker needs comfortable athletic clothes for soccer practice. Choose clothes that allow a full range of motion. Sweat-wicking material keeps your child cool and dry during sweaty warm-weather practices.
  • Soccer cleats: Your player will need soccer specific cleats. These shoes are designed for the sport to give your soccer player the support and traction necessary in the game.
  • Shin guards: Protective shin guards are another requirement in most leagues. They rest at the front of the shin to protect from errant kicks and fast-moving balls.
  • Soccer socks: Just like your child needs special shoes, players also need special socks designed for soccer. The long socks go up and over the shin guards.
  • Ball: Your child’s coach will provide balls during practice, but it’s always a good idea to have a quality soccer ball of your own so you can practice at home. Please check with your coach for the size ball your player will need per the U they are in before purchasing. Invest in a high-quality ball instead of a cheap foam ball that doesn’t give your player a real feel for soccer play.
  • Goalkeeper gloves: If your child is interested in playing goalkeeper, consider investing in a pair of goalkeeper gloves. These special gloves are designed to support the wrists while allowing freedom of movement in the fingers. If your child is in KICK start program, they do not play with goalies just yet, so hold off on the gloves until you know if your child will actually play the goalkeeper role.
  • Water bottle: Soccer players spend a lot of time running up and down the field. The soccer season often falls during warm weather. Hydration is important, so outfit your child with her own water bottle. Write her name on the bottle to avoid mix-ups on the bench.
  • Gear bag: OPTIONAL - A backpack or tote bag designed for soccer makes it easy to carry all that gear to practices and games. These specialty bags typically include a spot for a soccer ball and all the other gear your child needs.

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Catoctin Youth Association Soccer Club, INC - CYASC

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Catoctin Youth Association Soccer Club, INC - CYASC

PO Box 404 
Thurmont, Maryland 21788

Email: [email protected]
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