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Jul, 2023

Soccer ball

Choosing a Soccer Ball

Soccer balls have two main components: the cover and the bladder. The cover consists of panels of durable material, usually PVC or polyurethane, stitched together in a rounded shape. PVC soccer balls work well for youth soccer players because they are durable, resist scuffing and are generally the most affordable option. Polyurethane balls are generally softer with better responsiveness, which is why the material is typically used on higher-end balls.

The bladder is the inner component that holds the air. Bladders are usually made of either butyl or latex. Butyl bladders tend to offer better air retention and hold their shape better than latex. Natural latex bladders are more common in premium soccer balls and have a softer feel that some players prefer. For your youth player, a PVC ball with a butyl bladder is the most practical, affordable option.

A ball seems like a straightforward purchase, but soccer balls come in multiple sizes. The specific size your child needs typically depends on her age and level of soccer play. As she gets older, she uses a larger soccer ball.

Soccer ball sizing runs from size 1 to size 5. The larger the size number, the larger the circumference of the ball. Most youth players use anywhere from a size 3 to a size 5 depending on the age group and league regulations. Size 1 balls are sometimes used as skills balls to focus on footwork and ball control, but most youth soccer players don’t use them.

Soccer Ball Size Chart

Below is a size chart for soccer balls based on size:

  • Size 1: 18 to 20-inch circumference
  • Size 3: 23 to 24-inch circumference
  • Size 4: 25 to 26-inch circumference
  • Size 5: 27 to 28-inch circumference

Before purchasing a soccer ball for your child, check with the league to determine what size her age group uses in practices and games. Buy the same size so she gets used to the sizing when she practices.

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Catoctin Youth Association Soccer Club, INC - CYASC

PO Box 404 
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Email: [email protected]
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